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    Character » Robby Reed appears in 89 issues.

    Robby Reed was the first user of the H-Dial device and used it to become a variety of superheroes and fight evil, until he split himself in to two beings, becoming the hero known as the Wizard and the villain called the Master. Eventually he was fused back to together with help from Vicki Grant and Chris King.

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    Robby Reed was a very intelligent boy. He lived with his grandparents in a small town called Littleville but spent a lot of time in his 'Lab Shack', where he did many experiments.

    On one fairly normal day, he was experimenting in his lab until a couple of his friends came around and invited him to test out their new 'soap-box racers' on the valley ridge, so he decided to come along. Once they got there, the were interrupted by a big noise nearby and decided to find out more. The noise turned out to be a giant robotic machine attacking the Amour Chemical Company. The machine had a picture of Thor's Hammer, which was the Thunderbolt Gang's Logo (the local criminal organization with electric themed weapons). Just as the boys were running away, the ledge that they were standing on started to break, taking Robby with it. Narrowly missing the robot, Robby fell into an underground cave, where he saw a glow in the distance and decided to follow it. The light led to a peculiar dial with strange inscriptions on it. After studying it in his lab, Robby discovered that the dial's weird inscriptions spelt out the word HERO. Realising that he should dial H-E-R-O, he carefully did so and suddenly, he was no longer a little boy.

    Soon Robbie embarked on his bizarre hero career, never really building a name for himself in the scheme of things due to the inconsistent heroes he turned into. His super hero career took a finite turn when battling the villain Shirkron of the Many Eyes.

    Robbie was forced to dial the word S-P-L-I-T, instantly splitting him into two entities. One would be a creature of deepest evil, the Master, while the other the Wizard, of pure good. Shirkron would be defeated by the Wizard however losing the Dial to the machinations of the evil master, who dialed it into oblivion.

    Heroes Robby's turned into:

    • Giantboy- Super Strength and invulnerability
    • Super Charge
    • Human Bullet- Flight, invulnerability
    • Human Starfish
    • Mighty Moppet
    • Plastic Man
    • Radar-sonar Man- Flight, "Radar / Sonar sense"
    • Super-Charge
    • Quake-Master- Generates energy causing things to shake
    • Hypno-Man- Mind Control
    • Future-Man- Telekinesis and illusion casting
    • Zip Tide- "Living Wave"
    • Super-Nova
    • Shadow-Man- Living shadow
    • Baron Buzzsaw- Has buzzsaws coming out of his body
    • Don Juan- Magic Sword
    • Sphinx-Man- Flight, teleports people to "never never land" that don't get his riddle right
    • King Viking- flight, (super strength?), similar to Marvel's Thor
    • Whirl-I-Gig
    • Chief Mighty Arrow- Native American-themed weapons, flight
    • Human Solar Mirror- Focuses solar energy into heat
    • Mole- Super digging
    • King Kandy- Candy-themed weapons
    • Hornet Man
    • Pendulum-
    • Gillman- Breathes Underwater
    • Strata Man
    • Mr.Echo- Absorb and deflect forces
    • Squid- Helmet ejects different types of liquids
    • Mighty Moppet- De-aging bottles
    • Castor and Pollux: the Gemini Twins- Flight, create "stars", super strength, Pollux is immortal, but Castor isn't
    • Woozis- Bounces
    • Howzis- Flys
    • Whatsis-Various
    • Velocity Kid-
    • King Coil- Body is made of iron coils
    • Yankee Doodle Kid- Flies and creates "fireworks"
    • Cometeer- "Human Comet"
    • Magento- Magnetic control
    • Ballon Boy- Flies
    • Muscle Man- Emit energy blasts
    • Human Icicle- Generates cold
    • Wizard- Robby's hero half
    • Master- Robby's villain half, made most of Vicki and Chris' villains
    • Astro: Man of Space- Teleportion and limited psychic powers
    • Mole-Cometeer- An odd mix of the Cometeer and the Mole

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