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    Rob Zombie is a major label music artist, feature film director and comic book writer.

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    Rob Zombie is lead vocalist and founder of the band Rob Zombie.He was original in the Band White Zombie but after the release of the album hellbilly deluxe rob zombie solo album.He is still currently lead vocalist in Rob Zombie.

    • White Zombie(1985-1998)
    • Rob Zombie(1998-Present)


    • House of 1000 corpses-this was Rob Zombie's Debut movie it took 4 years to make,(1999–2003)
    • Devils Rejects-The Sequel to Rob zombies first movie House of 1000 corpses was a much darker story with a more serious tone.(2005)
    • Werewolf woman of the S.S-Was a a fake trailer in between the Grinouse double feature.(2007)
    • Halloween(remake)-Rob Zombie Recreated John Carpenters original vision of 1978 Halloween.(2007)
    • The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto .(2008)
    • H2 Halloween 2 (2009)
    • The Lords of Salem (2012)
    • 31 (2016)
    • 3 From Hell (2019)
    • The Munsters (202?)


    Rob Zombies Comic Spook show International had three different story's.The Comic's Surrounded house of 1000 corpses Captain Spaulding and the haunted world of El superbeasto.


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