What Next For Rob Liefeld?

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As I'm sure many of you know, Rob Liefeld has left DC comics. Other threads have explained at least partly why he has done this, and to be honest I'm don't really want to go into that in this post. I really want to know if there is a place for him in comics at all or maybe in greater comic-book media. I have seen the forums here on comic-vine and I get it, people don't like him much here- hell I don't like his art that much. His marvel work imo was trash, and his image work uninspiring at best. It seems that many agree on this, and I laughed out loud from seeing so much GIFs and pictures showing uncontrollable joy and happiness in the most humorous ways over the past couple of days. It seems that comic-vine has become almost a microcosm of society through the ages, where people have been drawn together to stand against a scapegoat- but that is perhaps for a different story.

But the real question is what's open for him. Tbh, I didn't really mind his work on DC, including that done on Deathstroke and Lobo. From what Rob has said, alot the characteristics that we associate Lobo with were eliminated from the comic-book pages by higher authorities. But looking at Liefeld's early work, its obvious he tried to create a gritty form of art which exaggerated natural features. Shadows were frequently used. In most instances I don't think this worked- but depending on the comic being written, I think it could- to an extent. Imagine a supernatural, dark, mysterious type of comic. Here he would be free to obscure as much as the protagonists face as possible, while the exaggerated facial and bodily features would be more useful. When you think about it, its surprising that he didn't create Spawn. He's a dark, muscular, brooding, shape-shifting Demon. With so much weapons that it actually makes Rob's infamous pouches almost..... well needed!!!! While I know he did do some stuff for the character, it begs the question- why don't you do something your actually good for?

But Comics aside, I'm wondering what is there for him in the world of TV and film. I think it has been established that Rob arouses mixed feelings in comic-fans. But what I've noticed is that good comic-book writers and artists don't always make good directors. Take ultimate spider-man (TV show). The show has among others, Brian Michael Bendis, who despite some criticism from fans in his 616 work, has been consistently praised for his 1610 ultimate spider-man comics. The show on the other hand, has been mixed at best. While I find it wacthable and at times even funny, its obvious that spectacular spider-man is by far superior. Who knows. He may do something with this whole BloodStrike movie which is supposed to be in development- though I wouldn't hold my breath. His over the top style may translate into a Micheal Bay type experience, and while people may question the latter's skill, his movies do sell.

Some may question my new found pragmatism, and quote some of the stuff I've said in other Rob Liefeld threads. Don't get me wrong, I definitely wasn't shedding tears when he quit. I also believe that DC's problems lie alot deeper than him. But surely, doesn't an old dog have any new tricks.

As always, your input is valued,

(GIFs and images abusing Rob aren't needed here...... but I guess they are okay if they are funny :-p )

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P.S I apologise for any bad grammar in advance.

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Retirement, hopefully.

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School janitor

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I would like to see him illustrating the adventures of whatever comic Brian Michael Bendis writes. That would be worth a giggle or ten.

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Death by Exile.

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Art school?

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I think you will be seeing him soon changing the urinal cakes at Angel Stadium.

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he will start his own comic business and will sell romantic stories.The female readers will be offended by the way he draws females.

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He will be the next Marvel Editor in Chief.

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(don'tsayhelldon'tsayhelldon'tsayhelldon'tsayhelldon'tsayhelldon'tsayhell) ummmm heck? (good job BlackArmor, you did good)

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He's back over doing work for Image on Youngblood these days isn't he?

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BlackArmor wanted to say hell, I agree lol.

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Ron has just never been interesting. His artwork is poor but it's not as ba as it used to be. He is just a bland artist and a bland writer. I sincerely hope he retires from creative production in all forms.

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@Hatutzeraze said:

I would like to see him illustrating the adventures of whatever comic Brian Michael Bendis writes. That would be worth a giggle or ten.

Sorry for the bump but reading this after having to endure Avengers Assemble makes me realize the gravity of that situation you put forward.

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I hope Rob will do more work on Youngblood, Brigade, Bloodstrike, Supreme, Glory.

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