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He loves fighting, and one of his favorite activities is turning a Decepticon to scrapmetal. He is a natural leader and is charismatic in combat, but gets bored when he's not fighting.

Powers and Abilities

Roadbuster is enormously strong, and possesses enough strength to knock out Astrotrain by tackling him into a building. He is also incredibly durable, and his thick, heavy-plated armor can handle tons of damage. In vehicle mode he carries a turret-mounted linear blaster gun that can blow a hole in 2-foot feet concrete. In robot mode he has a laser rifle and a shrapnel-missile launcher. He can traverse most terrains in 4-WD mode, with a range of 600 miles.

Other Media

Roadbuster in Dark of the Moon
Roadbuster in Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) - He appears in Dark of the Moon as a Wrecker, with two other Wreckers called Leadfoot and Topspin.


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