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    The speedster bird that is always one step ahead of the Coyote.

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    Road Runner is a fast bird that is constantly being chased by Wile E. Coyote. He is always getting past the traps that are set for it with ease. A favorite is when the coyote paints a tunnel on the side of a wall and the Road Runner runs straight through. The Road Runner while running can stop on a dime.

    Road Runner is a bird from Texas, who possesses, henomenal abilities, ranging from super speed to reality warping. He only runs on roads, hence the name "Road Runner", and he is constantly being hunted by Coyote, who is very hungry, Road Runner finds himself constantly having to avoid the mastermind plans of the sly Coyote.

    Powers and Abilities


    Roadrunner may appear to be an ordinary bird, however he wields a lot of power:

    • He has superspeed, and his top limit is unknown, although he has been able to outrun rockets.
    • He never tires, and so has incredible stamina.
    • Roadrunner also possesses reality warping abilities, he has been able to keep boulders in the air, while not on anything.
    • Roadrunner has also been shown to be able run straight through walls and paintings, and so is very powerful.


    Roadrunner is a very intelligent bird, and is always one step ahead of the genius that is Coyote. Road Runner is also a great escape artist, and has escaped, what appear to be close calls with extreme ease.


    Roadrunner is best known for his signature sound: Meep Meep.

    Although this may be simple, it is almost an imitation of a car horn, which links to the setting of roads.

    This sound is one of the trademarks of the show, and he will always be remembered for that sound.


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