Character » Ro-Jaws appears in 330 issues.

    Former sewer-droid and Ro-Busters veteran. Friend of Hammerstein and hanger-on with the ABC Warriors.

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    A sewer droid with a penchant for chomping down tasty refuse, Ro-Jaws first teamed up with Hammerstein, the leader of the ABC Warriors, when they worked together for the Ro-Busters disaster agency.

    They had wildly different personalities but became firm friends and fled together when their bosses tried to have them destroyed in order to claim insurance on them. Taking part in a robot rebellion, they helped other droids flee to the robotss only world of Saturn 6.

    Not actually an official member of the ABC Warriors, Ro-Jaws turned up in their adventures occasionally to give readers some light comedic relief with his malfunctioning obedience chip and his foul mouth. He also turned up later acting as a valet for Nemesis the Warlock.


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