Character » R'Kin appears in 14 issues.

    R'Kin was a short Skrull who was a fleet mechanic. He could shape shift and had great strength even though he was a lot smaller than the other Skrulls.

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    R'Kin was the son of the Skrull army commanding officer N’ala. He was the smallest of his family and this led to his powers being not as strong as others. The Skrulls therefore did not want him in the intelligence corps and instead put him in maintenance and sanitation, a job that would at least give him a home. He then would join the militia but was said to be unfit for it, but he would still try to fight. He even tried to get in Warbird training school but was denied.

    Major Story Arcs


    After a while during a firefight, R'Kin saved the Super-Skrull which showed he was a true soldier, but this would cause him to become a fugitive as the Super-Skrull was currently being pursued for treason. R'Kin would follow and make the Super-Skrull his new leader, but soon this would come to a stop. Super-Skrull at one point told R'Kin to wait outside while he interrogated some of Annihilus' troops. Disregarding what the Super-Skrull had said, he went to help but ended up seeing Super-Skrull killing the troops. He confronted the Super-Skrull and decided he was evil and a bad man and left.

    Soon the Super-Skrull found out from the troops that they where building a weapon called Harvester of Sorrows. The scientist named Hawal would be the one who would soon destroy the current Skrull home-world but he could also stop the machine. In order to find Hawal, Super-Skrull formed an army of Hawal's prisoners to find the scientist. R'Kin would join the ranks of the army, and the scientist found a way to stop the machine just as R'Kin made a portal to liberate the Skrull army.

    After this R'Kin would ask the Super-Skrull to show him what he could really do and to prove himself worthy by giving the final blow to the Annihilus' ultimate machine. But he showed the Super-Skrull how treacherous he could be and didn't show up to defeat the enemy. The Super-Skrull and his men where captured. R'Kin was feeling a lot better after the Super-Skrull's son was killed on the home-world, which made him feel better about his father's death that had occurred because of the Super-Skrull.

    Super-Skrull however soon mesmerized R'Kin into killing his own allies. R'Kin was so scared of what he had done afterwards that he fled. Super-Skrull followed and soon enough he found R'Kin, but he wouldn't retreat, he would fight. After a while though R'Kin was defeated. He tried to tell the Super-Skrull he would help them escape and the Super-Skrull let him go, but then he ripped of his limbs from his body. The Super-Skrull then destroyed the Harvester of Sorrows and R'Kin died in the explosion.

    Powers & Abilities

    R'Kin had super strength and could shape shift, but because of his diminutive size he couldn't do it as well as other Skrulls could. He was very good with machines and guns.


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