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    An elven safe haven founded by Rivendell. It hosted the first meeting of the fellowship of the ring.

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    Rivendell was founded in the second Age by Elrond, after the destruction of the hidden city of Gondolin. Many elves from Lindon migrated with Elrond to this hidden sanctuary. Elrond used his ring's magic to enchant the rivers surrounding the city, and to conceal it from Sauron's gaze.


    Rivendell was one of the first creations in Middle Earth by J. R. R. Tolkien, it was adapted to comics first in Warren 1979.


    Following the re-discovery of the The One Ring by Gandalf. The hobbits were sent bearing the rings to Rivendell, accompanied by Aragorn , then under the guise of Strider the Ranger. They succeeded in the task, and were saved from the pursuing Nazgul by Glorfindel. Many representatives from each race were sent to the Secret Council to decide what must be done (most notably Gimli his father Gloin representing the dwarves. Legolas representing the elves of Mirkwood. Glorfindel and Elrond representing Sindarin Elves and Aragorn and Boromir representing men. And finally Gandalf representing, The Shire, The Maiar and the Valar). Between them they decided to send a group of warriors, deep into mordor to destroy the ring forever, thus forming the fellowship of the Ring.

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