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Rive's background has not been revealed. She first appears as a mercenary who works alongside the Executive Elite. It is later revealed that at her second appearance that she is a clone.

Major Story Arcs

Deadpool: The Circle Chase

When the mercenary turned hero Deadpool becomes a target of the Executive Elite who send out Rive and her associate Makeshift who are instructed to capture Deadpool. Once they find him Rive enters a duel with Deadpool as Makeshift shoot's from one of her weapon's at Deadpool’s neck, sending high voltage through his body. After Deadpool's successful capture both women wait for Comcast to arrive. Along with Comcast they take Deadpool to their base the The Edsel. The Executive Elite introduce themselves formally to Deadpool and Commcast put's a mechanical collar around Deadpool’s neck to place him under control.

Under the command of Bashur the Elite sends clones of Bashur and his hired teammates ambushed Deadpool in Sarajevo. However the tides turn within a few days of his capture and Deadpool takes out Rive and Makeshift, the Weasel than attacks Commcast and quickly takes him down. Bashur sought to escape, but was killed by Weasel. Deadpool than killed both Rive and Makeshift.

Sometime later Rive reappears but is soon exposed as a clone from the original mercenary. The mastermind Black Box had created multiple clones of Rive. Rive's clone again alongside a clone of Makeshift than are sent to attack Cable, Deadpool, B.A.D. Girls, Inc. and the Cat. Blackbox had hoped that this would stop them from obtaining the Dominus Objective. Unfortunately for the Rive clones failed after their cloning devices were destroyed and all but one clone was destroyed.

Neither the original Rive or the clone have not been since this time and her whereabouts are unknown as of this writing.

Powers and Abilities

Rive is in peak physical condition and has extensive training in both Martial Arts and also Swordsmanship. As a mercenary for hire she is also skilled in other aspects of para-military operations, including tactics and intelligence gathering. She wielded her signature energy sword and wore wrist-mounted spikes. Indeed a modern day weapons master she also keeps other weapons on her person the majority of the time. These weapons have assisted her during battle and has proven to have several killing toys up her sleeves.


Known Relatives: None

Place of Birth: Unrevealed

Base of Operations: Various, at one time the Edsel

Universe: Earth-619

Citizenship: Unrevealed

Occupation: Mercenary, Lab Subject

Education: Unrevealed


Gender: Female

Weight: Unrevealed

Height: Unrevealed

Hair: Red

Eyes: Unrevealed


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