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Based on the Playstation video game series of the same name.

Batsu, a new transfer student, at Taiyo High School is searching for his missing mother. There he meets fellow students, Hinata and Kyosuke, and learns that not only his mother has disappeared but also various students from various schools as well as some teachers. Batsu suspects that all the disappearances are related. A fact Kyosuke agrees with and wants to investigate.

As they progress with their investigations to find out the truth of the disappearances they encounter students and occasionally teachers from other schools, most notably Gorin High, Gedo High and Pacific High who are also investigating the disppearances.

It turns out that all of the kidnapped students and teachers have been kidnapped by Hyo Imawano, the top student as well as school president of another school, Justice High. There the kidnapped students and teachers are revealed to have been brainwashed and have enrolled at Justice High. The reason for this is that Hyo believes the only way to accomplish the school's goal of reforming the world is through force and coercion.

It is revealed that Kyosuke is actually Hyo's brother and actually helped him to begin with in terms of the kidnappings (including Shizuku, Batsu's mother) as he believed like Hyo that the only way to reform the world was through force. However seeing the unity between Batsu and Hinata as well as all the other students from the other schools changed his view of things and he now wishes to stop his brother along with Batsu and Hinata's help.

As they arrive at Justice High they learn that Kyosuke's uncle, Raizo, who has also been helping with the kidnappings is actually Batsu's estranged father making Kyosuke and Batsu cousins. Raizo, however, has been brainwashed into serving Hyo as when he found out the truth of Hyo's plans he tried to stop him. With Raizo's defeat they eventually meet Hyo who faced down the three students from Taiyo High, including his brother Kyosuke and long-lost cousin Batsu, and was defeated. However, the defeat allowed Kyosuke to reach out to Hyo and convince him that the world could be changed through friendship, not in spite of it.

At the end of the story all the students and teachers from the various schools held a celebration which was looked on from afar by Hyo. As he was about to leave Kyosuke stopped him and together they joined the celebration culminating in Batsu and Hyo shaking hands.

Only two issues were released in print form, the first two issues were re-released in digital form and then continued for two more issues and released free.


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