Ritter Twins

    Character » Ritter Twins appears in 12 issues.

    Born Donald and Deborah Ritter these half Deviant, half Eternals are the children of Kro and Thena with the power to fuse.

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    Conception and beginnings

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    Conceived in Vietnam by Thena and Kro during a time of war in man's world. When Thena realized that she was pregnant with the child of a deviant she panicked and was ready to dispose of her unborn children. As time progressed she grew attached to her children and came up with an alternate course of action.

    While visiting a hospital she discovered a barren women known as Mrs. Ritter. Using her powers she discerned that this woman was good as was her husband. Realizing that her children could live a normal life and enjoy the love of a happy family she induced sleep in the woman and transferred her unborn children to her womb. She bid her children goodbye and went back to Olympia.

    The twins were eventually born to Mr. and Mrs. Ritter who named them Donald and Deborah Ritter. Unknown to all of them these children were the first deviant-Eternal hybrids the world had ever seen.

    Learning the truth

    They remained oblivious to their real identity until they were teenagers. They were attending high school in California when they were visited by Thena their biological mother. She took them to Olympia because she feared for their lives. A deviant murderer had been killing random sets of twins in California in search of them. She did not reveal all to them however but after they were captured she was forced to tell them their uncanny origins and who they really were. With the threat averted they also met their father Kro.

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    First Fusion

    A few years later when they were in college they started sharing each other thoughts and actions as well as they could sense when each other were in danger. When Deborah was almost raped Donald intervened and was mortally wounded. As his blood pooled on the floor he reached out to his sister and they fused together for the first time and became the multi appendage Tzaboath.

    Their father then recruited them into his team of deviants as he tried to stop the plans of Ghaur. They were not effective however as Ghaur used their abilities against them and subdued their father. They then became part of a uni-mind and used to battle the avengers. they were eventually freed by Dane Whitman. They then returned to their studies.

    Retcon? or something!?

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    Then next showed up captured by deviants as Ghaur was resurrected, they were reduced to pre-Pubescents and again found themselves used to create a unimind. this time they fused into a golden winged being which called itself "Dark Angel". They freed their fellow captives and went to Wundagore with their mother Thena. Their they were knocked unconscious and captured by Exodus.

    Powers and Ability's


    Donald Deborah

    • Height: 5'8" Height: 5'7
    • Weight: 130 lbs Weight: 110 lbs
    • Eyes: Blue Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Blond Hair: Blond

    Known Relatives

    Thena (mother),

    Kro (father),

    Cybele (grandmother),

    Zuras (grandfather, deceased), (great-uncle)

    • Citizenship: Dual citizen of both Vietnam and United States
    • Place of Birth: Vietnam
    • Marital Status: both single
    • Occupation: Students and occasional adventurers


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