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    Risk is a human/alien hybrid who received his powers on his 16th birthday. Originally a member of The Atom's Teen Titans, then became a reserve member, and then became a part of Deathstroke's Titans East after loosing an arm in Infinite Crisis.

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    Cody Driscoll was born and raised in the community of Cosmos, Colorado. He lived alone with his mother in a trailer park. The reason Cody lived alone with his mother was because his father had died when Cody was just six months old. However Cody's mother wasn't alone. After the death of Cody's father she was married two other times, making Cody's life even harder.

    However, the day he turned sixteen his life got a lot more complicated. Like the rest of the teenagers that would soon become the Teen Titans of that generation, he manifested his super-powers for the first time. The powers he manifested included enhanced strength, speed, and durability.

    Cody Driscoll had always been a troublemaker and someone who didn't respect authority. This would lead Cody to make an attempt to sneak into the N.O.R.A.D. facility on a dare. Though he got inside undetected, Cody accidentally revealed his presence to the officials there when an alarm unrelated to him went off. After being detained, Cady was teleported with the rest of the teens that would become the newest Teen Titans into a ship of the H'San Natall. A de-aged Ray Palmer (Atom) had been teleported there too, not because his powers were from the same origin, but because he was with Isaiah Crockett (Joto/Hotspot) when he was teleported into the ship.

    It was during this time that they also met Prysm, a girl who had been raised aboard the ship her entire life.

    Teen Titans

    After their escape was a success the teens would decide to stay together as a new superhero team, choosing to become the newest Teen Titans. This team got the funding it needed thanks to Loren Jupiter (Mr. Jupiter) a former ally of the original Teen Titans. Cody would chose the code-name Risk as his superhero identity.

    Soon after creating the team, Prysm would start to have romantic feelings towards Risk, however the feelings were unreciprocated because Risk was interested only in Argent. During a mission in which Prysm gave up her powers in order to gain a human appearance, Cody immediately became attracted to her, but was disappointed when she took her powers and her original form back.

    The Teen Titans would meet and battle the villain known as Haze, who was actually the son of Loren Jupiter and sister of Lilith Clay (Omen). During their confrontation Joto was killed in action, or at least it was thought so. This made the team have a really hard time. Argent, in an attempt to keep the team together, started a membership drive to gather new members. It was then when both Captain Marvel Jr. (CM3) and Fringe joined the team.

    The Break-Up

    A little time after the membership drive the team was attacked once again by the H'San Natall along with the Veil and it was during this time that the Teen Titans would discover that their former teammate and friend Joto wasn't dead after all.

    After they saved Joto, Superman convinced the H'San Natall to stop any other action against Earth and/or the Teen Titans. However, Prysm and Fringe would decide to remain on space, but before they left Risk told Prysm that he loved her. The rest of the Teen Titans would decide to disband the team and each one of the members would go on their own way. Risk decided to return to live with his mother.

    Technis Imperative

    Risk, along with everyone who had ever been a Teen Titan, was captured by Cyberion (Cyborg) when he came back to Earth in an attempt to repopulate the Technis world on the moon of Earth.

    It was during this time that the Teen Titans and the Justice League of America would enter on a conflict because the League wanted to stop Cyberion to protect the Earth, while the Titans wanted to save Cyborg first.

    Infinite Crisis

    When Infinite Crisis happened the survivors of the multiverse: Kal-L, Lois Lane of Earth-2, Alexander Luthor Jr. and Superboy Prime decided that the heroes of Earth-1 were a corrupted version of the heroes of Earth-2. This lead Superboy Prime to confront Connor Kent (Superboy) which leaded to a battle between the young Kryptonians. It was during this fight that Superboy (Connor Kent) called reinforcements using his Teen Titans communicator.

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    The call brought former members of the Teen Titans, along with the current incarnation of the team. The Doom Patrol and the Justice Society of America were brought into the battle too. While being attacked by the heroes, Superboy Prime killed Pantha by accident, which led to him killing more titans. Murdering Bushido and Wildebeest, Superboy Prime would rip Risk's arm off using only his great strength. Using her powers Argent prevented Risk from bleeding out, but the damage had been done. The attack by Superboy Prime left Risk scarred both physically and mentally.

    Deathstroke's Titans East

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    After what happened to him during Infinite Crisis, Risk would become a criminal doing just a few little crimes that would be enough for him to live but small enough to don't be detected by the Teen Titans or any other superhero team.

    Risk considered himself abandoned by the Teen Titans, this along with a menace and offer by Deathstroke would lead him to join the new titans team known as "Titans East", an team of young super villains leaded by Deathstroke to eliminate the Teen Titans and bring his two children Ravager (Rose Wilson) and a just resurrected Jericho back with him.

    As a member of the Titans East, Risk was given Cyborg so that he could entertain himself. Risk decided to dismantle Cyborg and used him as a punching bag. Cyborg asked him that why would he be with Deathstroke when he was a former Teen Titans and ally of them, Risk revealed that it was because when he lost his arm they didn't act as if one of their own was on a tragedy. Cyborg then offered Risk to make one new arm for him, however he rejected saying that he only needs his anger to hold onto.

    The Titans East had beaten the Teen Titans, however Raven (the only member to escape) brought reinforcements to defeat the Titans East team. The reinforcement team consisted of Nightwing, Donna Troy, Beast Boy and Bart Allen now as the Flash.

    With the help of their reinforcements and thanks to the fact that both Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) and Duela Dent left Deathstroke's team to ally the Teen Titans, Deathstroke's team was easily defeated. However Deathstroke still gave fight to all of the Teen Titans using their numbers against them, saved by Inertia in the last seconds the Titans East team disbanded

    Prime Wants More

    When the war between the Sinestro Corps and the Green Lantern Corps reached Earth, Superman Prime attacked several heroes between them the Justice League, the Justice Society, the Teen Titans, The Outsiders and others.

    Risk also made a temporal alliance with the heroes because he wanted to make Superman Prime pay for what he had done to him by taking his arm. However things didn't go as Risk expected and Superman Prime rent Risk's second arm.

    Powers & Abilities

    Risk is stronger and faster than the average human and his olfactory facilities are more acute. His strength, speed, agility, durability's and senses are multiplied about six to eight times the average human. He is hyper everything. The adrenaline rushing through his body makes him take a greater Risk each time.


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