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A Beta vampire of the Miami Del Toro family. Risa is the child of the family's head, Eduardo Del Toro, along with her brothers Leto and Eduardo Jr., aka Eddie. As the youngest child Risa was treated as 'daddy's little girl' and shown the ways of the world by her father.

At the time of Eduardo Del Toro's passing...

In 2004 Risa is the only woman in Thrillboard magazine's "People to watch in 2004: 21 under 21". Leader of her own very successful indie music label 'Vamp Records' and very much a sexual predator, moving from victim to victim fulfilling her needs and moving on.

Post Eduardo Del Toro's death

After it's revealed that Eduardo left all his money not to her, his favorite child, but rather her brother Leto, who'd abandoned the family to become a Catholic priest, she was furious. Yet being the ruthless and driven woman she is Risa looks for a way to get in on things, to reclaim her rightful place in the family hierarchy.

Unfortunately her tactics are off as she uses her most common weapon of choice, sex, and attempts to rape her brother in the changing room of a store. As can be imagined this creates a rift between the two of them for some time. They don't see one another again until the old friend/flame of both her and Leto comes into town.

Come the close of the Bite Club though before Bite Club VCU Risa kills her brothers off, Leto directly and Eddie/Eddie's son through explosives detonated on their plane in midflight, and takes over the family with her mother, her lover(Cassie), and her uncle Zeph at her side.


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