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    Ripjak is known as the Interplanetary Serial Killer

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    Ripjak was the Chief Scientist for the Martian Masters—although the race didn't come from Mars, they did plan all of their earth-targeting attacks there, the first of many such attacks beginning in the 20th century. This would lead out to the War of the Worlds timeline (Earth-691). During the end of the 21st century, all the Masters were dying due to unknown plague. Ripjak went to the War Museum, where all the bodies of the heroes of Earth were keep. He chose Spider-Man, believing his radioactive blood a way to cure the plague, and injected himself with DNA from Spider-Man in order to test his serum.

    While the process took quite the time, upon his awakening he found that all Masters were dead and that his new body required an ex-skeleton. While in his new body, Ripjak discover that the plague had being genetically engineered by a being know as Bubonicus. While the Guardians of the Galaxy believe him to by a madman bent on destroying planets; as everytime Ripjak found a planet infected with the virus he destroyed with his spaceship, it turn out he was doing it in order for the virus not to spread.

    When the Guardians confronted him, he easily made short work of them and then when he traveled to next planet (which Bubonicus was already infecting) they meet the High Evolutionary of that era. While figthing Bubonicus, Vance was incapacitated and both Ripjak and Bubonicus left while the High Evolutionary manage to cure everyone.


    Ripjak’s exoskeleton is extremely dense, along with that it he can scan several different energy wavelengths and absorbed them into itself, were they can be use for storage for any critical moment and redirected back at it's user. It also enhances Ripjak’s strength. Due to the genetic manipulation done to himself and absorption of Spider-Man’s radioactive blood; Ripjak has a danger sense, for reasons unknown he possess six golden tentacles that he normally keeps close to his body but can unravel and work independently much like Spider-Man’s old villain Dr. Octopus. Due to his Martian Master nature he possess a extended lifespan, master in genetic, mechanics and also some limited telepathy.


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