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    Lots of Potential

    I was torn between 4 stars and 4 1/2. Ripclaw was never one of my favorite members of Cyberforce. There's always been the comparisons to Wolverine which sort of works against him. They have some minor similarities but are completely different in other ways. This issue reveals a bit about Ripclaw. It reveals more about what kind of a man he is and the fact that he's a pretty bad ass when it comes to fighting.

    With this issue, I'm starting to like Ripclaw more than I have in the past. I like that he was a man of few words. He has a mission. That is his focus. I loved the subtle violence too. What I like about the Top Cow comics is they can get away with more. Or at least they put more in their comics. You don't normally see severed body parts in a Marvel comic the way you do here. I do want to say that this wasn't simply a gore-fest. Far from it.

    I really liked the artwork. If you've seen Jorge Lucas' work on Wolverine:Xisle, Colossus: Bloodline, or even back in X-Force, you know what to expect. He has a way of delivering detail without overdoing it. Some artists tend to make the characters seem stiff and stuck in poses. Lucas' artwork is complimented with the colors by Studio F. We have lots of action but most is "off camera." I think that adds a classy touch. It also leaves more to the imagination about how good of a fighter Ripclaw is.

    When I finished this issue, I felt a little bit of dread. If I liked this comic, what will that mean when I read the other Pilot Season comics like Velocity or Cyblade? I like those characters more but we're going to have to vote for one. I think Ripclaw is easily off to a good start with this issue. I know I'm going to have a hard time deciding in the end.

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