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Events in the The Omen

Daniel is on parole when he is found by Morgan Gallows' who is on a mission to gather the people from a vision he had that would help in preventing Armageddon.

Gallows' reveals his werewolf form to Daniel who then accepts Gallows' offer and follows him on his mission. First stop is to collect Carcass who in turn joins them in finding Oblivia. At Oblivia's apartment they are attacked by Voodoo Childe who thinks they are there to harm Oblivia, but quickly realizes they are no threat and are on a mission to prevent Armageddon.

Gallows' home comes under attack during the night by demonic and zombie followers of Savior. Danial transforms and battles ferociously. They are winning the battle until Morgan takes a silver bullet to the chest, Daniel extracts the bullet but Gallows is laid low while he heals. Serendipity arrives at Gallows' home and tricks Daniel into letting her in, pretending to be lost and afraid of the rioting. He walks in on Gallows and attacks him with a knife but ends up taking the blade in his own gut. Slaughterhouse bursts in and tackles Gallows ad Daniel transforms into Rip but under Serendipity's influence but they struggle and Rip attacks both friend and foe. Carcass bursts in and is set upon by the possessed Rip.

Rip fights his possession but still battles with Carcass and Gallows. Childe uses an invisibility spell to enable her to get past Vex and Savior as they plan an attack on Gallows. She arrives ahead of Vex and starts to battle with Serendipity while also informing Vex that she is being tricked.

Oblivia embraces the creature she is inside, more than a creature of the night she is a creature of light too and raises a pillar of flame from earth to sky about her that becomes a blast wave that flattens everyone including Rip. Carcass awakes first and takes his friends to safety and Purgatori comes to claim Saviors body. Two days later in Malibu. Daniel confirms he will join the others on Gallows' quest to prevent Armageddon.


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