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Brief History

"Heidi Slatkin, a.k.a. Riot, a punk rock riot grrl from the U.K. A cute redhead with a short buzz cut, Riot transformed into a massive, beastly creature with sharp teeth, massive tusks and an insectoid carapace."

In this form she has great strength and sharp spines. She was stuck in that form for an extended period of time. During the tail-end of the Secret Invasion, Riot altered herself back to her human form, succumbing to the fatal transition and passing away... with dignity as a human. It is later revealed that she survived working with Ryder grudgingly. Riot's also looking on for a lesbian dating partner, though she has trouble reverting back to her human form again. 
Eventually she learns to control her transformation from insectoid to human form. She meets a Skrull named Eva and seems to fall in love with her, repeatedly defending her against the other members of the Krew. Eva eventually becomes an inactive part of the Krew, riding with Heidi.


Able to transform at will into an insect-like creature with a hard carapace and sharp spines, tusks and claws. This form makes her very resilient to standard attacks. Heidi also shows feats of great strength, shredding Skrull bodies in single blows and eventually learns to control her shape-shifting ability as well.

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