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Frederick Von Frankenstein had to live up to high expectations that couldn't be reached from his father. He decided to use his Uncle Hal's phase shifter to banish this feat. He used the shifter to create as many clones as needed to get his experiments finished. He developed a means to stick to any surface. He found that the duplication process activated a Metagene that rendered the phase shifter mute. He was able to duplicate himself at will. His new clones resembled skeletons and derived him of sleep. The lack of sleep eventually caused him to go insane and caused him to become a criminal.

He was stealing from a bio-tech facility when he came across Superman. He was able to escape when he cloned himself multiple times, though his clones were captured by Superman. Morgan Edge then captured him while fleeing from S.T.A.R. Labs and had Anomaly beat him into submission until he joined the Superman Revenge Squad. Riot, Anomaly, Maxima, Misa, and Barrage made up the team. The team fought Superman to a stand still at first, however they eventually fell apart when Morgan Edge could not fulfill all of his promises. Riot sent his clones back to the base and freed the last clone being held hostage from Edge. Edge was going to keep Riot as a controlled henchmen. Riot had all his clones and later escaped.Riot later stole a phase/time entagrater to keep his clones together and be able to fall asleep. Superman was told of his backstory by Riot's uncle and allowed to fall asleep and placed into custody. He was recruited by Manchester Black in a battle of The Never Ending which was quickly stopped by Superman. Riot, Roxy Rocket, and Dr. Phosphorus were in an event arranged by Roulette to see who could defeat Batman. Batman, Robin, and Batgirl defeat all three making the wagers mute.

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