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    Ringleader is the leader of the mercenary group of criminals known as the Death Throws.

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    Ringleader's  true identity is Charles Last and he would join a team of criminal jugglers called the Death Throws and help free Crossfire from police custody as he was being escorted to trial where Hawkeye and Mockingbird had been subpoenaed to testify against him. The other members of the Death Throws included Oddball, Tenpin, Bombshell, Knicknack and Ringleader. This eccentric group of criminals threw gas bombs, hardballs, razor rings and other objects to knock out police officers and cause confusion during their attack. Crossfire was pleased that Oddball received his message and was very impressed with his new associates. Ringleader speaks with Cross about the money he owes them for services rendered but gets upset when Cross couldn't come up with the funds. Ringleader and the Death Throws decide to ransom off Crossfire because he could no longer pay them for the rescue operation. Hawkeye receives a message from the Death Throws stating they have Crossfire and are willing to sell or trade him. Captain America comes with Hawkeye to the abandoned railroad terminal and gives Barton his shield. Hawkeye enters the station and sees Crossfire tied to a chair in the middle of the room. Ringleader spots Captain America as he enters the room and the super soldier uses a flare arrow to reveal the Death Throws' trap. Tenpin activates a switch that drops a large net made out of steel cables but it fails to snare any of the Avengers. Ringleader and the Death Throws engage their enemies and attack with their deadly projectiles. Ringleader intercepted Captain America's shield and tossed it back to Knicknack. Captain America throws a punch through a razor ring the Ringleader was holding and knocks him out. The Death Throws were defeated and Oddball was literally stuck to the ground thanks to Hawkeye's adhesive arrow. Oddball revealed to Barton their plans to use Crossfire as bait to nab an Avenger where they could get at least a million dollars for his release.       


    Ringleader was created by Mark Gruenwald, Paul Neary and Dennis Janke in 1986 and first appeared in Captain America # 317.  

    Story Arcs

    Ringleader and the Death Throws would reappear years later and join a terrorist organization called RAID with other super criminals where they strategically strike numerous locations in London. Crossfire and the Death Throws terrorize civilians from the Tower Bridge and come into conflict with Union Jack and Sabra. Ringleader and Knicknack were about to ambush an injured Sabra when they both get struck by a car driven by Union Jack. Crossfire and the rest of the Death Throws are defeated and taken into police custody. 

    Skills & Abilities

    Ringleader is an expert juggler who uses razor-sharp rings as weapons.

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