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    Keith Kraft is the super-villain Ringer who donned the costume following the alleged death of the original Ringer.

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    A new person (Keith Kraft) would don the Ringer costume and decides to go hunting for some heroes during the Acts of Vengeance. The Ringer would come across Killer Shrike as he engaged several SWAT team members. The two villains are having trouble finding superhuman targets so they decide to hunt together and tag team against any costume hero they find. They are later joined by Coachwhip, who has the same agenda and the trio go hunting together. She jumps onto Ringer's hovering glider and is impressed with Ringo's powers. The trio run into Moon Knight and try to ambush him. Moon Knight jumps onto Ringer's hovercraft and causes him to crash into a car. Ringer would recover and shoot his rings towards Moon Knight who was engaged with Killer Shrike. The Ringer's aim was a bit off and ended up ringing Killer Shrike. The Ringer fled the scene while Killer Shrike and Coachwhip were defeated by Moon Knight.

    The Ringer, Blacklash and Barrier are hired by Justin Hammer to retrieve a young man named Luis Barret who has superhuman speed. They chase Luis around Los Angeles and trap him in an alley. Hammer wanted Luis to don the Thunderbolt costume and retrieve plans for an experimental aircraft from Edwards Air Force Base. If Luis successfully completes the task then Hammer would compensate him and his family. Agamemnon from the Pantheon sensed a greater purpose for Luis and ordered Ulysses and Achilles to handle the situation. The two Pantheon members engage their enemies outside the base and the Ringer is taken down by Ulysses. Hammer escapes and Luis is back on the right track.

    Ringer is later seen at the AIM Weapons Expo on an island protected by international law. Captain America, Diamondback and Falcon disguise themselves as Crossbones, Mother Night and Jack O' Lantern so they can infiltrate this expo in hopes of getting information on a criminal named Snapdragon. Batroc the Leaper arranged some pre-expo entertainment by testing the prowess of Crossbones who was actually Captain America in disguise. The Ringer is one of over a hundred super-foes in attendance. Batroc reveals to everyone that Crossbones was really Captain America and offered fifty thousand to the person that brings him down. All the hardened criminals including the Ringer rush the ring for a shot at the super soldier and a nice payout. Captain America is assisted by Falcon and Shang Chi so numerous felons including the Ringer are taken down during this operation.

    The Ringer and a number of costume criminals appear as witnesses in court when the Trapster decides to sue the Tinkerer for consumer fraud. Some criminals like the Ringer and the Taskmaster appear on the behalf of the Tinkerer and a brawl ensues when Taskmaster tells the court that the problem is with the users and not the weapons. The Ringer and Boomerang go at each other when She-Hulk is forced to intervene when the brawl crashes into her case in court. She-Hulk takes down most of the criminals involved and tells the Ringer and Boomerang they are the same character because they both throw things. The Ringer and Boomerang exchange insults at each other when the emerald beauty knocks both of them out with a single punch. The judge dismisses the entire case and the Ringer and other participants in the brawl are arrested.

    Civil War

    Ringer would attend the wake of Stilt Man alongside a number of villains wanting to pay their respects at the infamous Bar with No Name. Armadillo and the Rhino would exchange words at the bar and a huge brawl occurs. During the chaos, one of the villains noticed a napkin with a skull on it. The villains begin to collapse one by one and realized their drinks had been poisoned. Apparently the Punisher was disguised as the bartender. Punisher leaves the bar and everyone inside is caught in a massive explosion. Apparently all the villains including Ringer survived the attack but suffered several injuries.

    The Initiative/Siege

    The Ringer would join the Initiative and is selected to join the Shadow

    Ringer and the New Shadow Initiative
    Ringer and the New Shadow Initiative

    Initiative. The Hood orders the Taskmaster to bring in a bunch of D-list villains, ex-cons and other Initiative members they feel are expendable into the Shadow Initiative. This group was the first wave of Initiative members to assault a prison in the Negative Zone called 42 that was taken over by Blastaar and his army. This group acted as cannon fodder to soften up Blastaar's forces before sending in the big boys to clean up. Ringer survived the assault and would later be recruited by the Hood during his stay at Camp HAMMER. Ringer and a number of other Initiative members are ordered to take down Prodigy and the Heavy Hitters after they stated on television that they were seceding from the Initiative. Ringer would fight Justice from the Avengers Resistance when they infiltrated Camp Hammond to retrieve Night Thrasher. The Hood would use the Norn Stones to upgrade the powers of his crew during the fight with the Resistance. However, the Resistance gets some help from Penance, Batwing, Bengal and Butterball. The Hood would receive a distress signal and is forced to leave with his Brooklyn crew. Ringer and some other super powered felons are left behind to fend for themselves. The tables have turned in favor of the Resistance and Ringer is taken down by Bengal .

    A Council Of Masters

    Max Fury, the leader of the Shadow Council has assembled a new Masters of Evil in the sovereign nation of Bagalia where Ringer is presently a member. Ringer is present when Max Fury and the Masters of Evil capture John Steele after he attempts to escape Bagalia with the Serpent Crown and the Crown of Thorns.

    Alternate Ringer

    Ringer (Hobgoblin Franchisee)

    No Caption Provided

    An unknown individual who bought the rights to use the Ringer suit and the name from the Hobgoblin.


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