Ring Raiders

    Team » Ring Raiders appears in 8 issues.

    Team of ace fighter pilots from the British comic book series (based on the Matchbox toyline).

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    The mighty Ring Raiders...the greatest pilots and aircraft of all time, fighting against the evil Skull Squadron (led by Skull Commander Scorch).

    Ring Raiders are the superheroes of the air. Circling the globe in their time-travelling, flying wing base, the Air Carrier Justice, Ring Raiders await the latest deadly challenge from the pilots of Skull Squadron.

    Meet the Ring Raiders

    • Ring Commander Victor Vector, the ace pilot selected to command Ring Raiders in 1993. His plane is an F-19 Stealth Fighter, which is completely undetectable by radar and infra-red tracking systems.
    • Commander Yuri Kirkov is a former Soviet Air Force Major. He flies a tough, multi-purpose F-4 Phantom 11.
    • Commander Yasou Yakamura, a space fighter pilot from the year 2235, has an X-29 fighter, loaded with complex battle computers.
    • Commander Joe Thundercloud is a Sioux Indian who fought with the U.S. Air Force in Korea. His aircraft is a customised F-86 fighter-bomber.
    • Commander 'Cub' Jones was beamed aboard the Justice in 1943. His F-5 fighter is a deadly interceptor, which can cruise at mach 1.6, nearly 10 miles high.
    • Commander Max Miles specialises in night missions in his SR-71 Blackbird strategic reconnaissance jet.

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