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Final issue. A Ring Raiders Special followed in 1990, wrapping up all the outstanding stories.

Cover: Ian Kennedy (Ring Raiders)

  • Ring Raiders - Freedom Fight! (part 6) (art: S. James)
  • Ring Raiders - Castle of Doom (part 1) (art: unknown)
  • Ring Raider - Evers: Never Say Evers Again! (art: John Gillatt)
  • Letters page
  • Ring Raiders - Trackdown! (part 6) (art: John Cooper)
  • Special Announcement (see below)
  • Photo file - Wraither's Galloping Ghoul (P-51 Mustang)
  • Ring Raiders - Operation Chill (part 1) (art: Carlos Pino)

Special announcement

We regret that due to circumstances beyond our control, this will be the last issue of Ring Raiders comic. But there is some good news...early next year we hope to produce a Ring Raiders Special, which will conclude the stories featured in this issue.

In the meantime, readers who like good adventure stories should read Eagle comic every week. It's packed with action from cover to cover. On sale now, at your paper shop!







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