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    Rin Okumura's a protagonist in the manga, and anime series, "Blue Exorcist". He's the son of Satan, who inherits his powers.

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    Infant Rin in the anime
    Infant Rin in the anime

    Rin Okumura is the half human/ half demon Son of Satan and the elder twin brother to professional exorcist; Yukio Okumura. When he and his younger brother were expected to be born, Satan went around trying to possess exorcists in an attempt to save their mother; Yuri Egin; from being executed because the Vatican found out she was pregnant with the son of Satan. However every exorcist he attempted to possess was subsequently murdered by his blue flames due to his overwhelming power, this event would later be called the blue night. Two exorcists; Shiro Fujimoto and Mephisto Pheles (also a son of Satan) were tasked with finding her. When they found her she had already given birth two her two twins; Rin and Yukio Okumura. She died from childbirth, but instead of taking in the twins for execution, Shiro Fujimoto decided to raise the kids in secret; however he had to seal Rin's demon powers in the 4 Koma Sword until he was ready.

    Rin unleashing his powers for the first time in the anime.
    Rin unleashing his powers for the first time in the anime.

    Sixteen years have passed an Rin has begun to show signs of his merging demon powers after an encounter with a demon who tried to bring him to Gehenna(The realm of hell) to meet Satan. Father Fujimoto saved him and brings him back home to tell him the truth; that he's the son of Satan. Father Fujimoto hands Rin the 4 Koma Sword and warns him that unsheathing the sword will strip him of his humanity forever. Satan decides to possess Fujimoto and with his powers; opening a portal to the world of Gehenna so he can take Rin home with him. Father Fujimoto, regains enough control to stab himself in the heart; and before he dies proclaims Rin as his son.Desperate, Rin unsheathes his sword and unlocks his full demonic powers and with it he destroys the portal.

    At Father Fujimoto's funeral, Rin swears to seek revenge on Satan for killing Fujimoto. But to do that he must train to become an exorcist at the Full cross Acadeemy led by Mephisto Pheles.


    Rin's demonic form
    Rin's demonic form

    Rin has the appearance of a normal human teenage boy of his age, albeit with some differences. He possess enlarged canine, a long black tail furry tail and slightly pointed elf like ears. He also likes to wear the 4 Koma Sword on his back in its red sleeve.

    Rin generally wears his True Cross Academy outfit, which consists of a white shirt, black jacket, loose necktie, and black pants.

    Rin's demon form looks like his human form with some obvious differences. His entire body becomes cloaked in the blue flames of Satan. His pointed ears become even pointier and grow much bigger then they were before. And he gets a pair of horn shaped balls of blue fire over his head.

    Power & Abilities

    • Demonic Abilities: Being Satan's son Rin inherited a host of Demonic Powers from his father. These powers are listed below:
      • Satan's Blue Flames: Rin inherited his father's blue flames which are the most powerful types of flames in the world of Blue Exorcist. They are capable of destroying things in both the physical and spiritual worlds. Originally Rin lacked a basic control of his flames, but after the events of the Impure Kings Arc he as a much better control of his flames.
      • Super Human Regeneration: Rin possess demonic regenerative capabilities. He can heal from fatal wounds much faster than normal humans. He was once shown to be strong enough to reattach his severed right foot.
      • Demonic Telepathy: Rin can telepathically communicate with higher class demons incapable of human speech. This is how he talks to his pet cat; Kuro.
      • Superhuman Strength: Rin possess far above average strength for someone of his age.
      • Demon Form: When Rin draws his sword he enters his demonic form which unleashes his full power. Without unsheathing the sword, Rin cannot access his full power, instead he can only access a smaller portion of it.
      • Ability to see demons: Rin has the natural ability to see demons. Something that no other exorcist can do without being scratched by a demon.

    Weakness & Vulnerabilities

    • His tail: Rin's tail is one of his weaknesses. It is a common weakness that all demons have.
    • The 4 koma sword: While the sword is the gateway to Rin's power; it is also one of his weakness. Because the sword acts as Rin's "heart" if it is destroyed he dies.

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