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Powers and Abilities

Rimi is a disciple of Ogata Isshinsai and as such as had training in his personal style of ancient martial arts. Like his other disciples Rimi seems to concentrate her skills into one set area and for her it was her speed. Rimi is seen as the fastest disciple level character in the manga so far as she has been able to face Miu and put her on the defensive. Rimi is the only person of the same age who has done this to Miu. Rimi also has incredible strength being able to hurt the Sumo wrestler Thor and fight on par with Miu Furinji. Since Ogata likes disciples who can use both Sei and Dou Ki, Rimi has Dou Ki on par with Miu and Sei Ki on par with Kenichi and Ryuto Asamiya.


  • Genya No Tsubarne - Rimi usuing her speed can seem to disappear in front of an opponent, even one who is almost as fast as her.
  • Happou Kitsutsuki Rekkyaku - Rimi kicks her opponent all over their body multiple times.
  • Nanba Hashiri - A running technique that moves one's hands and legs at the same time, without losing the undulation that comes from the body.
  • Ogata-Ryuu Datotsu Sunba - While in contact with her opponents body Rimi while thrust to cause extra damage.
  • Ogata-Ryuu Hakudagekijin - Rimi while punch her opponent with a spiraling motion to increase the punches effectiveness.
  • Ogata-Ryuu Hiyodoti Hekisou - A speed technique where Rimi is able to run up and down walls with ease.
  • Ogata-Ryuu Kitsutsuki Rekkyaku - Rimi using her great speed will kick an opponent in the same spot multiple times. This move is often used to cause speficic damage to an opponent.
  • Seidou Goui - The technique where a user utilizes the outward power of Dou and the inward power of Sei at the same time drastically increasing their fighting prowess, strength, speed, and agility. The technique requries that the user maintain their emotions so as not to lose control. The technique can have drastic effects on the users body and after Rimi used the technique she almost died.
  • Shin Genya no Tsubarne - A speed technique Rimi can only use when her gold shoes are taken off, Rimi will lunge at her opponent at great speed and punch them using the force of her speed.

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