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One of the main characters in The Boondocks. Younger brother of Huey Freeman.

Riley Freeman is the 8 year old brother of Huey.

Riley Freeman.
Riley Freeman.

Riley is the polar opposite of his brother. He is loud, impatient, money hungry, and loves the fast life. He doesn't care much about doing the right thing as long as he gets off. Riley values the thug life and makes sure everyone knows that. Because of his personality, he often has clashes with his big brother. He hangs out with famous rappers like Gangstalicious and Thugnificent and his crew. He values materialistic things as seen when he spent the money he and Huey needed to survive on on clothes. He is usually seen wearing a white t-shirt or vest with baggy trousers and sneakers. He keeps his hair braided back.

Riley's major interest are playing basketball, making money, and emulating the rap life. Riley is very reckless and once assaulted a mall Santa. His first love is money. He often comes up with different schemes to get rich, some of them illegal. He had his own cookie selling business and did whatever it took to sell them. He spent all his money on clothes and new gadgets.

When Riley isn't hanging out with Thugnificent, he hangs out with Gin Rummy and Ed Wuncler. They get in a lot of trouble, but always have each others back.

Riley seems to possess some martial arts skills, although he is not as good as his brother. Riley's main rival is Cindy. She rivals him in basketball, but also helps him with his cookie business.

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