Riko Sheridan

    Character » Riko Sheridan appears in 38 issues.

    Part of a Robin inspired group of teens known as We Are Robin.

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    “I shy away in my mind, in hopes in that I could share this place with you. You’ll be the first one to find, the shadows that make the girl you undo.” -FKA Twiggs

    Username: R-iko

    Age 16. Current student at Middletown North. 4.2 GPA. Marching band freshman year. Quit because of performance anxiety. Drama student, but refuses to perform. Excels at art and English. Struggles with math and science despite excellent performance.

    Hobbies include costume design, sewing, manga, anime, music, wing chu, kung fu san zoo, and singing, although will never sing outside the safety of her room.

    Batgirl fanatic.

    Adoptive parents are David and Rita Harris-Sheridan. Birth parents killed in auto accident. Riko, an infant at the time, miraculously survived without a scratch.


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