Character » Rikard appears in 15 issues.

    Once a mighty viking warrior, he was resurrected after his death. As an undead warrior, he overcome his manipulation spell and rebelled against the dueling witches who destroyed his home.

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    Rikard was born frail and weak. His father Kirk wanted to leave him out in the woods to feed the wolves, but his wife took the boy and nurtured him to health. Seeing the boy survive, his father taught him how to hunt and kill. In time, Rikard became the mightiest warrior in his village.

    In a fight against an army of demonic warriors, Rikard was beheaded by one of those warriors. The witch Bera, who lived with Rikard in the village, took Rikard's body and attached his head to sown-together body parts of other fallen warriors. Now her undead warrior complete, she sent Rikard to kill her rival, the witch Groa.

    On his quest to kill Groa, not far from his village, he encountered some wild men. Encountering them, Rikard got his hand chopped off by their leader. Slaughtering them all, Rikard's hand got sown on by Bera who had followed him.

    Further on, Rikard met several demonic warriors sent by Groa to stop him. Again, he slaughtered them all, but now half of his head was demolished. Taking their heads, he came across Kadlin, a mysterious young woman who told Rikard the tale of the two witches Bera and Groa. One could control the undead, one could control demons. Why they were fighting each other, she didn't know. Kadlin helped Rikard sow part of a demon's head on to his own head. Now part undead, part demon, Rikard overcame his controlling spell and became a free man. Vowing revenge on both witches, he gathered an army of warrior vikings, among them his father Kirk and his friend Shad, both out on a quest to kill Rikard. But they also wanted the witches dead, so they became part of his army for now.

    Rikard and his army succesfully defeated Groa's army and Rikard killed Groa himself. Returning to his own village, he fought against Bera, until she freed the undead souls of the parts of his body. A fleeing Bera was killed by Kadlin. A weakened Rikard pleaded his father Kirk to kill him and give him a proper burial.

    His body was dug up and again sown together by a resurrected Bera, now under the control of Kadlin.


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