Rigger Ruiz

    Character » Rigger Ruiz appears in 89 issues.

    Rigger Ruiz is an army member of Code Blue

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    Margherita Ruiz is a police officer. She got her job because she has a strong personality and is the physically strongest character. She is an integral member with Lt. Stone. Rigger Ruiz going in more mission of Code Blue and she resulted a good member because she transposed more armor. She arrested a dangerous criminal Carjack. Always in mission Jean Julius Rassitano tries to convince Rigger Ruiz to kissing him but she isn't convinced.


    Rigger Ruiz had a variety of police weapons, plasma guns, bazooka, grenades and hand guns.


    Stone eventually left the team and ran for mayor of New York while Ruiz became captain of the Midtown Police Department. Ruiz continues to have close ties with Code Blue. They recently went into action following the gang war between the Black Tarantula and Silverback.


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