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Worlds Collide

A postal worker who discovers he can travel between the Dakotaverse and the DC Universe. He's powers of dimensional travel have brought him the attention of Edwin Alva and Hazard who want to abuse his abilities after they lie to him about getting medical attention for his bizarre sleep disorder. Soon it soon discovered that dimensional travel was just one of his abilities. Fred soon discovered his imagination can be brought to life.

At some point his powers matured as he bends reality until they were out of control and transformed into a cosmic, God-like being as he tries to destroy both realities.

Milestone Forever

It is revealed that after Rift's defeat at the end of Worlds Collide that he has been resting in another dimension. Dharma, leader of the Shadow Cabinet, and Iron Butterfly travel to Rift's location to channel his powers to Dharma to help save the Dakotaverse after the death of Darkseid. In doing so, Dhrama used Rift's abilities to fuse the Dakotaverse and the DC Universe into a single universe where both heroes and villains co-exist.


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