what tpb's should i read for good riddler stuff?

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i really like the riddler and was wondering what tpbs i should read but i dont like the old looking art i prefer the modern stuff
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Well, the whole arc beetween Hush and The Legends of the Dark Knight is a great thing for Riddler fans. (Expecially if you don't like the whole "old looking" art thingy).

Hush 1-12 (He's only on the #12 though) - Gotham Knights 50-55 "Pushback"- Detective Comics 797-799 "Low" - Legends of the Dark Knight 185-189 "Riddle Me That".
After that I think there's those issues with the Riddler and the Green Arrow and some other people. Editions later the Edward is back on Detective Comics #822 "E.Nigma Consulting Detective" and reformed and stuff. I don't really go for the whole private detective thing he's on, but the most recent issues like Gotham City Underground and Gotham City Sirens are actually pretty good.
There's also Batman Confidential 26-28 (I think) which is alright. 
Anyway there's a lot of good Riddler stories out there but I think they are mostly "old looking". Those are which I remember being "modern" lol.

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