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Rictus Erectus is the youngest son of Immortan Joe and one of his many breeders. It is unknown to which breeder Rictus was born to. Rictus was born with an impairment to his cognitive abilities which shows in his personality and general intelligence; however, what he lacks in mental strength he makes up for in brutish power.


Rictus Erectus was created by George Miller and made his appearance in the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road.

Character Evolution

Rictus has remained a brutish and violent character throughout his history; however, he became more seemingly more enraged and violent after learning of the death of his baby brother.

Major Story Arcs

Mad Max: Fury Road

For Further Information: Mad Max: Fury Road

Rictus Erectus is first seen alongside his father, Immortan Joe, overlooking the Citadel and all of it's citizens. It is clear from this first appearance that Rictus has the mind of a child yet the body of a soldier. Rictus reacts with an overwhelming anger when he and his father learn of Imperator Furiosa's betrayal and disobedience.

Joining his father and the rest of the War Boys, Rictus ventured off onto the Fury Road in search of Furiosa and the war-rig, as the rig itself contained the many wives/breeders of Immortan Joe. When Rictus and his father finally found the war-rig they mounted their attack; however, pulled back once the wives put themselves in harms way to protect the war-right and it's passengers. During this attack Immortan Joe's vehicle was damaged and one of the wives was severely injured, Rictus reacted in sheer anger and began firing a heavy machine gun into the air.

Rictus is seen alongside his father in the War Boy's makeshift camp, watching a medic as he tends to one of Joe's wives. It is discovered that the wife is dead; however, there was a child inside of her belly as she was pregnant. After learning that the deceased child was a boy Rictus shouted into the night that he had a baby brother who had been perfect in every way.

When the war-rig turns around and heads back towards the Citadel Rictus plays a major roll, jumping off of his fathers vehicle onto the rig to engage it's passengers in close quarters combat. Rictus' attack fails; however, and his father is killed by Furiosa. Rictus is then killed when the war rig he boarded crashes and explodes.

Personality & Appearance

Rictus is a very violent man of few words; this is likely due to his below average intelligence that can be compared to an early child. He stands at a menacing height and is nearly 7' tall, wearing an apparatus on his back to deliver clean air to his lungs and is armored from the waist down.

Unlike his father and the other War Boys he does not cover himself in white face paint. He also lacks the symbol that the War Boys wear on their bodies and vehicles; instead he hangs the heads of baby dolls from his armor and vehicle.

It has been stated that Rictus was unfit to carry on his fathers legacy; as were his other two sons, Corpus Colossus and Scrotus.


Immortan Joe - Rictus Erectus is one of Immortan Joe's sons. He follows Immortan Joe into battle with complete and utter obedience.

Corpus Colossus - Rictus Erectus is the brother of Corpus Colossus and is his opposite in nearly every way. Whereas Rictus has a childlike mind and the body of a soldier; Corpus has a small and disfigured body but is highly intelligent. The two get along seemingly well; however, they bicker as brothers usually do.

Scrotus - Rictus Erectus is the brother of Scrotus.

Skills & Abilities

Rictus is incredibly strong and durable. He shows a certain level of proficiency with driving and firing heavy weaponry.

In Other Media

Mad Max: Fury Road

Rictus was portrayed by Nathan Jones in the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road.


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