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Family feud continued

Next to nothing is known of his early life except that he attended MIT to receive a doctorate alongside Sophie Von Doom. Their relationship mirrored that of his grandfather Reed and Sophie's father Victor. They started out as friends but Sophie was into trying dangerous and unconventional things and one day one of her experiments literally blew up taking part of the school with it and Rico managed to save them both with his powers. They share a romantic link. They were both expelled from MIT and his granddad offered to teach him. He was not interested so his family decided that the best place for him would be the Xavier Institute.

Making friends and finding a home

His lack of interest in science makes him a pariah of the Richards clan. Because of his lack of interest in the norm for his family, he and his dad and his grandfather don't get along very well so he opts to spend most if not all his time away from them at the Xavier Institute.

At the academy he became fast friends with Oli who has the same father issues as him. The two became best friends fast with Oli always managing to get them in trouble. He became the slacker of the group despite being the potentially smartest person at the school. His other friends had no idea the depths of his mental skill. He joined his friends in rescuing No-Name and battling Shadow X and was instrumental in locating Sophie's stronghold when they journeyed to India to battle Kalima.

In the end he was returned to his normal form after spending days as an Indian man and returned to the Xavier Institute along with his friends.

Powers and abilities

Rico is descended from a long line of brilliant minds, his grandfather was once considered the smartest in the world and his father likewise. He inherited their brilliance but for the most part chooses not to use it. He also can stretch his body much like his grandfather but does not appear to have the level of elasticity nor protection from impact that he did.

His dominant power is one similar to his grandmothers. He can turn things and himself invisible and create invisible forcefields. It should be noted that his power is greater than his grandmothers as he can do a full spectrum vanish; effectively becoming more invisible than his grandmother has ever made possible by being virtually undetectable.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 150 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Rico's Status

Known Relatives: Franklin Richards-(father), unnamed mother, Valeria Richards (Aunt), The Human Torch - Johnathan Storm (great-uncle),

The Thing - Ben Grimm (great-uncle), Invisible Woman- Susan Storm-Richards (grandmother), Mr. Fantastic - Reed Richards (grandfather),

Nathaniel Richards (great-grandfather, deceased).

Blooper: It's unknown who Ricos parents really are. In one comicbook, he introduced Sophie Von Doom as the daughter of Victor to his friends, in another comicbook he stated that Reed is his grandfather and Victor is the grandfather of Sophie. It is more likely that Reed and Sue are the parents of Rico because of his friends parents (as example: Gambit and Rogue are the parents of Oli Raven, Cyclops and Emma Frost are the parents of Megan Summers).

Citizenship: United States

Place of Birth: unknown

Marital Status: single

Occupation: reluctant Heir, occasional Adventurer and singer/song writer


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