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    Rick is Mary Young's brother. He was killed and resurrected by Evil Ernie. His independent mind from Ernie led him to become The Dead King, Ernie's right hand man. But that didn't last long....

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    Eternity/Chaos! Comics


    Rick Training
    Rick Training

    Before Evil Ernie first appeared, Rick was happily living with his three siblings Billy, Mary and Judy Young in a solitary home. All were pretty excited about the new Neurotech experiment his eldest sister was conducting on Ernest to cure his psychopathy but many of them (Rick especially) weren't convinced that a lunatic of his class could be cured. They would often receive regular visits from Commissioner Stone who was an associate of their sister's, Rick became suspicious after he had Mary sign some documents without having a lawyer look at them first, not exactly trusting of the good senator.

    After the psycho plague had come to town Rick and co along with Stone beside many of his influential delegates took to holding up within their house, defending against the psycho plague. Rick started to take personal offense after stone and his cohorts insulted his sister Mary and plotted to square blame on her for the disaster that her machine they funded caused, in order for them to save face in the public eye. He even went so far as to accost Stone himself when the former suggested to his colleagues they throw the Young Family to the wolves in order to save their own hides. The Young's along with Stone were eventually saved by Leonard Price and his sister Mary Young.

    Later when Evil Ernie resurfaced in a court house after Leonard Price failed to heed the Young family's warnings, Rick attacked him only to be killed and resurrected by the teen psychopath. serving as a regular ghoul in Ernie’s army. Before this he would beg his sister Mary to end his life before he rose as a Dead One, only to revive as a ghoul when the army took Mary away and failed to notice his reanimation. To which he killed some of the soldiers looking to move Billy and Judy before eventually turning on them as well. He hunts them towards an open urban area eventually attempting to run them down with a wreaking ball, but his siblings eventually gear up an abandoned tank blowing the heavy machinery he's in to scrap metal where he is eventually undone after stepping on a disconnected live wire. Leaving the remnants of his family to mourn his loss once again.


    Four days after the fall of Washington, Rick wakes up in an abandoned house, his face eaten off by rats. He struggles against the voices in his head telling him to kill and eat everything. He is then captured by a squadron of soldiers. He dreams of his family's troubled past while the soldiers transport him to a research facility. The commanding officer General Powell tries to control him via microchip implant created by Dr. Price, but he escapes. He then visits his family house and struggles with the Dead Mind. Again Rick is attack by soldiers so he runs ending up in voodoo zombie gang territory owned by a group called the "Black Jujus", and a fight follows. He escapes with Israeli covert forces. Soon killing and raising them again under his command. Enlisting their aid as his special forces, he attacks Powell’s hideout at the Pentagon. While chasing Powell himself, Rick falls into a sacrificial pit where the remains and memeories of murdered children nearly overwhelm him through the Deadpool (a reference to the Dead Mind he had coined). Powell tries to summon six demon lords, but Rick interrupts the ritual and takes his place as The Dead King. He then takes his special forces and goes on a search for Evil Ernie. Now being conscious, not controlled by Ernies Dead Mind anymore, this puts him in position to be his sires right hand man.

    Dead King

    The King
    The King

    Seeing how Evil cares noting of the dead, he takes his own path. First seeking out his old love, Rose whom he tries to talk into joining him in the afterlife, but she shoots herself in the head.

    Later on he meets with the Crazy Babies, children who were changed by the Pandora Effect and to it, are now neither living nor dead. They start to call him “Dead King” and with them he starts to spread death. He wants to give the gift of unlife to his brother and sisters. Seeing Billy Young die he realizes that this is not what he wanted, placing his hand over him before he walks away. Unknowingly Rick had revived his deceased brother.

    When his sister is captured by the dead ones, he goes to her rescue. When Evil tries to blow all life from Earth with a nuclear holocaust, he teams up with Dr. Price wanting peace with the living, and taking out Evil Ernie he could get that. On the last battle against Evil, when the nukes take flight, the Crazy Babies give him their power stating they weren't meant to be. He then teleports himself along with Mary and Billy Young to safety.

    He is seen again when Armageddon comes to Earth. Oblivia had sought him out because she needs Smiley to defeat Armageddon. He along with Mary and Billy are swallowed up by uncreation wave.


    When worlds are recreated he is found on a dead planet, where the living are a minority. He fights on their side along with his brother Billy and has fallen in love with a living girl, Lisa. Mary Young has died of radiation poisoning and is now seen as a savior in their humble little community. Having managed to form a group of living and dead, who live in harmony. Rick also has distanced himself from fighting, but when a group of dead ones attack their camp and kidnap living ones with a intent to sell them, he goes to save them along with Billy and Lisa. They attack the human meat processing plant and take it out of business.

    Dynamite Entertainment

    Chaos! Uprising

    Living Rick
    Living Rick

    In his newest incarnation Rick is still the brother of Mary Young, but is instead a prisoner of the Widmark State Penitentiary on account of first degree murder. He cares for his sister whom he dines as the gifted child of the family while he was always the black sheep who everyone scorned, but had made peace with this station in life even while being incarcerated having found a new family within his fellow inmates while in lockup. When his sister asked him why it was that Rick ended up killing the man in the first place, he only replied 'It needed to be done.'

    As Homicide
    As Homicide

    During the event when Ernest Fairchild was executed and revived as his old time moniker Evil Ernie. Rick along with many of the other residents of Widmark Prison had been killed, incinerated when a nuclear bomb was dropped on the area. As a result it was then where he'd been sent to hell for his crimes in life facing eternal torment, he was eventually found and resurrected by Mistress Hel as her undead agent back on earth. He came to love and worship her like no other being a fond lover of death in and of itself, but was rejected by the goddess in favor of the one who got him killed in the first place due to Ernest being more than just a man; while also promising to make rick into a deity himself, The Dead King, if he were to act as a deterrent for a band of misfit monsters with his own little crew of radioactive zombies. After a run in with the chosen of Morgan Gallows, their newest member, whom was secretly a Norse Aseir of the night; Vex cast a sort of sleeping spell which sent them back to the grave for a time.


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    After a while Rick would again be reanimated and empowered by Lady Hel in favor of stalking and killing those affiliated with death and murder in order to bolster her ranks, in preparation of an army that would usurp power from the other Lords of the afterlife.

    Now rechristened as Deathlore by his lady, He is one among five new lovers of the goddess of death who butcher and slaughter everyone and everything affiliated with her domain. Everytime he or anyone of them murders another murderer or death seeker he comes in closer contact with Mistress Hel.

    After Evil Ernie had dispatched two out of four lovers of Hel, Rick finally decided to make his entrance after killing his other two rivals who'ed been hounding the duo of his most hated nemesis and an unexpected ally who was affiliated with both of them. After Ernie had dropped off Mary Young back at an old vacation resort she and her family used to come to every now and then, Deathlore was found waiting for her inside as she cut on the light. She asked if he was there for Evil whom had already left a while ago, he corrected her in that it was Mary herself he really came to see. Wondering who he was Rick went into a prolonged diatribe about his many identities but stating only Ms. Young ever called him brother, alluding to his true identity.

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    He went on to say Hell made him into what his is today after the mini nuke went off over the jailhouse at Widmark when Mary asked what'd become of him, and admitted he was hurt worse when he realized the only other person he loved as much as his mistress had come to collaborate with the guy he hated more than anyone for being Hel's favorite, even after Ernie had rejected her. When Mary told Deathlore that Ernie reminded her of the brother she loved and lost, this truthful sentiment only served to inflame Rick's ire even more. Opting to kill his sister due to being unable to stomach anymore betrayals until Evil Ernie himself came onto the scene. Looking to resume their old rivalries the two revenant's commenced slaughtering one another where Evil found out the hard way that Mistress Hel had greatly empowered Deathlore. Enticing Rick to boast that his lady had given him all kinds of upgrades like an unbreakable body frame, bolstered strength and enhancing his ability to reanimate the dead which he showed by sicking a bunch of zombie pets on his enemy. Ernie then let loose with a blast of his green energies to which Rick found he was vulnerable too. The latter whom also coined this aspect to his powers and pressed his advantage nearly killing Rick again until his sister Mary intervened.

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    Promising that he'd never rest until he finished Ernest for good, his adversary contradicted him as he ran an Arcane Energy charged coal poker through his chest seemingly killing him instantly. When Mary went to pack her bags and came upon an old Photo of the two during their youth, a wounded Homicide spoke final words of farewell before disappearing leaving behind his Deathlore mask and the poker Ernie impaled him with, startling his sister. Meanwhile at a nearby bar the wounded Homicide comes across some bikers within asking who'ed be kind enough to loan him a ride

    Powers & Abilities

    Before he'd died Rick Young was a physically fit human being with a well toned muscular physique due in part to regular body building. After his death and subsequent reanimation he had all the standard abilities of a typical undead in his Homicide persona, but greatly augmented such as strength enough to shatter most obstructions in his path, easily ripping apart human flesh as if it were wet paper. Immunity to pain due in part to being an undead and incredible speed and stamina as he could near outrun a speeding army Humvee on foot for several minuets without tiring. Beyond that he is an avid weapons expert and motorist who regularly makes uses of guns, swords, engine powered vehicles and the like on a regular basis both in and out of combat.

    In some part Rick had gained abilities similar to his creator Evil Ernie. Like having access to the Dead Mind/Deadpool which interconnects the various ghouls reanimated via Ernest's arcane energy. He's also able to resuscitate those he kills, integrating them into his own growing army of Dead Onez under his command. But unlike Ernest its possible that the living around him don't revive unless they die by his hand instead of by random acts of violence, as he still somehow resurrected his brother after he'd been shot dead for 20 minuets but could not revive his lover Rose who shot herself in the head. During a climactic battle with a militant satanist Rick becomes entitled to the moniker of The Dead King though it has yet to be revealed what this title holds for him or how it effects his abilities, After a band of living dead tweens called The Crazy Babies surrendered their power to him, Rick gained the ability to control teletranslocation at will enabling him to warp himself and others vast distances across the world with a thought.

    After His introduction in the Chaos!/Dynamite Universe, Ricks powers have stayed the same with some slight changes. having died by bombing when the prison facility shared with Evil Ernie was nuked, he and his crew of Dead Onez were revived as radioactive walking corpses by Lady Hel. Meaning he and his zombie posse could toxically poison and burn anything or anyone who so much as came in contact with them, being walking wastelands. while under his lordships power he would also revived countless times no matter how often he'd be put in the ground again.

    But this could be undone by the effect of another godly being like another Aseir based Chaos Lord. Having been revived again by Hel, the mistress gave Deathlor/Homicide a host of upgrades to aid in his quest given to him; ranging to augmented strength & invulnerability. Being tough enough to resist an Arcane Energy charged punch from his rival, while also bolstering his ability to control and raise the dead; even being aware of what kind of deceased he was reanimating. The only flaw to his physical imperviousness was that he faltered under the affects of the same Arcane Energy which Ernie was powered by, an oversight that was purposely implicated by the one who gave him these gifts.


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