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    A writer/artist and brother to Tom Veitch.

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    Rick Veitch is an artist and writer of comic books. He attended the Kubert school in the late 70's. In the early 80's, he started producing offbeat series like "The One", the graphic novel Heartburst, and Abraxas and the Earthman for Epic Illustrated. After Alan Moore concluded his run on Swamp Thing, Veitch took over as both writer and artist. His run lasted for two years, and saw Swamp Thing travelling through time. The original conclusion featured Swamp Thing meeting Jesus, but was deemed too controversial for publication by DC. Veitch left the series in protest. Around the same time, Veitch illustrated several issues of the second storyline of Miracleman. One issue was notable for graphic birth scenes, which drew much comment at the time.

    Around 1990, Veitch launched King Hell, which published a variety of his titles. Brat Pack and Maximortal were published in the early 90's. Veitch published a series called Rare Bit Fiends, which was an adaptation of Veitch's detailed dream logs.

    After the King Hell books, Veitch collaborated with Alan Moore on a series of books for Image: first 1963 and then a notable run on Supreme, among others. Later, when Moore started America's Best Comics, Veitch worked on the Greyshirt feature for Tomorrow Stories. More recently, he has done two series of Army@Love, a satirical take on the military and propaganda.


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