Rick Stone

    Character » Rick Stone appears in 41 issues.

    A long time friend of Virgil Hawkins. He was the inspiration for the character Richie in the animated series "Static Shock"

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    Gay taunts

    Throughout the series Rick showed signs of being gay, he was also constantly being made fun of by Chuck for it. In the very first issue he's being introduced on the receiving end of gay joke from Chuck about his performance at a school assembly. In issue #15 Virgil and Chuck were talking about "Captain Thunder". Chuck says the character is gay, but Virgil disagreed and tries to get Rick to side with him. Instead of agreeing with Virgil, Rick says "He is kind of a boy scout." probably to avoid seeming gay to Chuck again. Later Chuck makes another gay joke about Rick calling him "Richard the pink, knight of tutu" Rick tries to make a serious response, but before he can make his point Chuck makes another joke and he, Felix, and Larry laugh. Virgil remains silent and doesn't try to help Rick out.

    Coming out

    As Static is on patrol he hears someone call out for help.  He sees Rick next to a boy who is unconcious. Static asks Rick what happened, Rick tells him it started out with gay bashing. After flying the boy to a hospital, Rick tells static that he is going to a gay teen support group and implies that he is attracted to another boy. Later, Rick shows up to school with his face bruised. His friends ask him what happened and he says the that he was gay bashed. He tries to get their support in planning a teen support group for gays, the scene carrys over to the next issue with Rick leaving after Chuck tries to turn it all into a joke. Virgil doesnt help things out when he tells Rick that he should've kept the secret to himself. Frieda calls Virgil to talk to him about his homophobia. In the end, Frieda, Daisy, and Rick go to a gay rights convention together.

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