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    Rick Sheridan was a happy, healthy college student who became the host of the alien Sleepwalker

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    Rick Sheridan was a happy, healthy college student with a promising future in film. He had recently left the home he grew up in to live alone in the big city of New York, with his loyal pet, Rambo The Dog. Even though Rick left, his parents and little brother where still a big part of his life. Rick eventually found a place to live, rent-free, in the building of Mr. Epstein and Mrs. Epstein as long as he would be the superintended for the building. He even found a girlfriend in Alyssa Conover, a fellow student from his college. Things looked up for Rick. All that changed when an eerie creature began appearing, first in his dreams... and then later in the real world. Every-time Rick woke up, he saw television footage of a strange creature roaming the streets at night. It was the same creature from his dreams! Now, his life in shambles, Rick is afraid to sleep... afraid he'll release the mysterious being known as Sleepwalker.


    Rick Sheridan was created by Bob Budiansky and Bret Blevins and first appeared in Sleepwalker issue 1 (1991). With the publication of Sleepwalker, a long dream of writer Bob Budiansky was finally fulfilled, as he had the plans for Sleepwalker as early as the late 1970's.

    Major Story Arcs

    Host for an Alien

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    Rick eventually discovered that the alien Sleepwalker was truly within his mind. In order to find out why the creature was inside his mind, and what his intentions where, Rick tried to communicate with him by writing and through an old tape-recorder. Sleepwalker would emerge when Rick was asleep, and would communicate back to Rick, whom would find the messages as soon as he woke up. Through this, Rick understood that Sleepwalker was a protector for the good, but was trapped inside Rick with no way out. The presence of Sleepwalker took it's toll on Rick, as he soon started to fail classes, and the relationship with his girlfriend Alyssa Conover soon got strained. This all became even worse when rival Whitney Cooper III made the scene. Slowly he tried to lure Alyssa away from Rick. This eventually worked out, because of Rick's constant lack of attention to her, letting Alyssa feel that Rick did not want to see her. Eventually the couple broke up, but remained friends and still liked each-other very much.

    Infinity Gauntlet and Death

    Rick, along with 50 percent of all beings in the Universe was instantly wiped from existence by Thanos, the Mad Titan after he got hold of the Infinity Gems. Sleepwalker however was released at the time of Rick's death and fought, alongside many other heroes, to stop Thanos. This eventually worked out, and all beings whom had seemingly died where returned to life, including Rick, whom could not remember anything.

    Sleepwalker slays Rick?

    Sleepwalker seemingly betrayed Rick during an invasion of what seemed to be other Sleepwalkers. Sleepwalker had walked up to a sleeping Rick and asked his fellow Sleepwalkers if he could be the one to kill his old host. Many heroes thought for some time that Sleepwalker had turned evil, but this was far from the truth. As it turned out, Sleepwalker had not 'slain' Rick, but actually stored his essence inside a mystical blade, having Rick to appear dead. He was however soon recovered after the invasion was averted. Later, Cobweb attacked again, but Sleepwalker defeated him for good, banishing him. Sleepwalker seemingly died afterwards. It was soon revealed that Sleepwalker did not die, he was only trapped inside Rick Sheridan's mind.


    Some years later, Sleepwalker is seen again back in the real world while he is investigating the damages of an explosion perpetuated by the Ringmaster. He however got sucked back again in Rick Sheridan's mind when Rick woke up. This apparently meant that Sleepwalker had found a way to leave Rick's mind once more when Rick fell asleep.

    The Initiative

    Some years later, Rick was recruited for the 50 States Initiative, an initiative for every American state to have it's own superhero team. Rick, having registered with the government, was put into a team with Machine Man and Arana, under the leadership of Ms. Marvel. He was given a special suit with a way to instantly fall asleep, which caused Sleepwalker to emerge when the time was needed. During his time with the Initiative, Rick confined in his teammates that his ex-girlfriend Alyssa Conover had died during a car-crash.

    Fantastic Four

    Some months later, Rick Sheridan was recruited by the Fantastic Four in order to help repel an invasion of demons caused by Franklin Richard's dreams. Rick, seemingly very depressed and still mourning Alyssa's death, did however accept the invitation to help. He notified the heroes that he knew they did not come for him, but for Sleepwalker.


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