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    Rick Grimes was formerly a police officer in the small, peaceful town of Cynthiana, Kentucky. After being wounded in a shoot-out and waking up from a coma after a month, he becomes a reluctant figurehead of a group fighting to survive a world where the dead no longer stay dead.

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    Lori & Rick
    Lori & Rick

    Rick Grimes had lived in Cynthiana for most of his life. He entered college for police administration in order to become a Police Officer. During his sophomore year, his parents made Rick chaperon at their New Year’s party, but attended another party elsewhere. Thanks to his younger brother Jeff, he was introduced to a high school senior named Lori. Although there was some chemistry between them, they couldn't explore a possible relationship due to Lori moving away to also attend college. Despite this, Rick and Lori kept in touch with each other while he finished college. After Lori dropped out during her first year, she returned to Cynthiana, and they were finally able to develop their relationship. Soon after, Rick and Lori were married.

    Life for Rick was perfect, a burgeoning career in the police force with his best friend Shane, and the happy news of Lori's pregnancy. Soon, their son, Carl, was born.


    Rick Grimes was created by Robert Kirkman and his first appearance was in Image Comics's The Walking Dead #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    Days Gone Bye

    Rick on his way to Atlanta
    Rick on his way to Atlanta

    Years later, Rick is involved in a shoot-out with Shane by his side while on duty, is shot and winds up in a coma. When he wakes up, it's to a vastly different world. The hospital seems to be abandoned and, after an encounter with zombies, Rick finds man named Morgan who's son Duane hit Rick over the head with a shovel, Morgan helps him put together a plan to make his way to Atlanta, where he's hoping to find Lori and Carl. When Rick arrives in the city, he quickly learns that the entire city is full of zombies. He manages to escape with the help of a young man, Glenn, who was on a recon mission in the city gathering supplies. Glenn takes Rick to his camp of survivors where he is reunited with his family and Shane, who has been looking out for them in his absence. Rick meets the other members of the group; Andrea, Amy, Dale, Carol, Sophia, Donna, Allen, Jim, Billy, and Ben. Rick tries to settle in to this new way of life, but the dangers of this world are ever-present, which is seen when a group of zombies attack the camp and kill Amy. The group manages to kill the rest and afterwards they have a funeral for Amy. Shane, afraid that Rick might take over the group and take away Lori from him, he tries to kill him, but Carl shoots Shane, killing him before he can pull it off.

    Miles Behind Us

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    The group then buries Shane and decide to head off in Dale's RV. So on their travels some things happened. Jim left the group because he was bitten, Lori is pregnant, and they find 3 more survivors Tyreese, Julie, and Chris. The group then find a neighborhood and decide to stay there, but the next day they find out the neighborhood is full of zombies. So the group escapes with the cost of Donna, Rick and the group continue on. While Rick was hunting with his son, Carl was accidentally gets shot by a man named Otis. After Rick almost killed him, Otis takes Rick and his son to the farm where he lives so the owner Hershel can help heal Carl's wound. When they get there, Hershel does surgery and removes the bullet saving Carl. Hershel has the group stay until Carl is fully healed, but they learn that Hershel's barn is full of zombies Eventually the zombies break out the barn causing the death of his son and daughter Arnold and Lacey, after that Hershel kicks Rick off the barn except Glenn who is now dating his daughter Maggie. The group leaves and ends up finding a prison to live in.

    Safety Behind Bars

    When the group gets to the prison Rick, Andrea and Tyreese begin clearing out the yard, while Dale, Lori and Carol walk the perimeter between the two fences. While Rick with his hatchet and Tyreese with his hammer clear out most of the zombies, Andrea watches their backs with a gun, unfortunately the gunfire alerts the zombies and they come pouring out of the prison. Andrea runs back to the RV to get more ammo while Rick and Tyreese open fire. After a while the flow of zombies stop and the group is left with a pile of dead zombies in and around the doorway. The group is forced to go another night in the RV without food, so the next day Rick and Tyreese head into the prison to seal off and clear out a section of the prison so the group can move in. While looking around they find the cafeteria door barricaded, expecting the room to be full of zombies they enter quickly with guns raised, to their surprise they are greeted by 4 prison inmates eating meatloaf.

    Given that everyone in the group is starving Rick brings them all into the cafeteria to eat, the inmates Dexter, Axel, Andrew and Thomas, introduce them selves and explain they're reasons for being in prison. Dexter shows Rick and Dale around the prison. When they get to the Gym they find its completely overrun with zombies and decide to deal with them later. The group settles in, with the power out the group can close the cell doors and not worry about them locking and at the same time not worry about someone or something opening the cell door without them noticing. Rick feels guilty about having all this space and safety while leaving Hershel and his family behind on the farm, so the next day he gases up one of the prison buses and he and Dale head back to the farm. When they get there Hershel informs Rick that since the weather warmed up they've been getting attacked more and more often and when Rick offers to let them stay and the prison they accept.

    That night Hershel approaches Rick and apologizes for what he did. After everyone has gone to bed everyone is awoken by a gun shot but by the time Tyreese gets there Julia is dead and Chris is sitting in the corner, the plan was to shoot each other at the same time but Chris shot too soon and killed Julie before she could shoot him. However in the midst of all this sadness and anger something terrifying comes out, as Julie is reanimated as a zombie, despite never have being bitten. Tyreese wont let Rick shoot Julia thinking that she could be reasoned with, but Chris shoots her in the head, killing her permanently. In a fit of rage Tyreese chokes Chris to death, Rick leaves as Tyreese promises to kill Chris when he comes back. Rick returns to his cell and informs everyone of what has happened, including Julia coming back, Rick lies awake the whole night.

    When Rick gets out of bed, Tyreese has already burned both Julia and Chris's bodies. He however doesn't seem depressed and that worries Rick more than anything. Rick however has come to a disturbing realization, if everyone becomes a zombie when they die, then Shane had to have come back after they buried him. So Rick gases up a motorcycle and makes his way back to Atlanta. When he gets there and digs up Shane he finds that Shane has become a zombie. Rick kills Shane again and heads back to the prison. When he gets back however he's told nothing but bad news, Susie and Rachel were found decapitated in the barber shop and Tyreese, while helping clear out the Gym, lost it and charged into the middle of the Gym and was swarmed by zombies, Rick however refuses to accept that Tyreese is dead and heads to the Gym. When they get to the Gym to kill him if he's been turned they find him sitting in the Gym with all the zombies dead at his feet.

    As Dexter admitted to being charged with murder the blame falls on him, however Rick is racked with guilt, he blames himself for the deaths of Susie and Rachel, since they would be safe on the farm if not for him. Rick is out in the yard when Andrea comes running from the prison bleeding from her head with Thomas close behind her with a knife. Rick quickly tackles, disarms and proceeds to beat Thomas within an inch of his life. Lori stops him from killing Thomas outright but Rick is intent on killing him for what he did to Hershel's daughters but Lori won't listen and begins to question Rick's authority, but when Rick tells Lori to "Shut the fuck up" that ends the argument there and Rick announces to the group that they are going to hang Thomas establishing a "You kill, you die" law.

    Rick heads inside the prison to apologize to Lori, Lori admits that she hasn't been acting rationally and agrees that Thomas has to be killed. After that Rick heads to Dale to get his hand patched up, Dale tells him that he broke every finger and smashed all his knuckles up and he most likely will never use that hand again. Rick tells Dale "I don't regret a thing." They put Thomas in a cell while they get ready to hang him but while they're gone Patricia lets him out, believing he can be helped but Thomas immediately attacks her but Maggie shoots him to death, they then throw his body on the other side of the fence to let his body get eaten by zombies. Before anyone has a chance to settle down Dexter, Andrew, and Patricia arm themselves with guard weapons and tell everyone to leave.

    The Heart's Desire

    As Rick tries to talk Dexter down he asks where Dexter got the guns, Dexter tells him that he got them from the armory in A-Block just then Zombies begin to pour from the A-Block door and everyone's focus goes to them, however during the fight Rick saves Dexter's life but Dexter tells him that it doesn't change anything, so Rick shoots him in the head and claims it was a stray bullet. After all the zombies are dead Patricia and Andrew surrender and they close the door to A-Block to stop any more zombies from escaping. Outside the prison Otis has returned from the farm just to get swarmed while waiting at the gate while they fought inside, he is saved by Michonne. The group notices Otis waiting outside and lets him in, Michonne asks if she can come in as well, Rick lets her in after taking all her weapons and has her kill the two zombies she keeps with her. Just as she enters Andrew runs away from the prison, Rick says to leave him. Tyreese tells Rick that he saw him kill Dexter and that Rick should rethink his no killing stance.

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    Andrea calls a gathering in order to give out clothes that she's gotten for everyone, she took the jumpsuits for the inmates and loosened or tightened parts of them to fit individual members of the group. When Rick returns to his cell he and Lori talk and she tells him how scared she is. Rick organizes a group to clear out the A-Block, the group consists of Rick, Dale, Axel, Allen and Tyreese. When they're exploring they come across a library and Allen mistaking a zombie for a genuinely dead man gets the scare of his life, after they leave Allen takes a second to catch his breath and it bitten by a zombie that was crawling through the shadows. As they carry Allen out of the prison Rick comes up with a drastic idea, if everyone becomes a zombie when they die and everyone dies when bitten it simply means the bites are poisonous. So Rick cuts Allen's leg off to stop the affect of the bite, after a while and with Hershel's help they manage to stop the bleeding but even so Allen is on the verge of death.

    The next day Rick has the bandages removed from his hand, although its apparent there is permanent damage he can still move it if only a little. On his way out of Dales cell Rick bumps into Tyreese who's been kicked out by Carol, when Rick asks Carol she tells him they broke up and bursts into tears. Wanting some answers Rick gets Lori to come with him, he'll get Sophia to go play with Carl and Lori will get a chance to talk about her breaking up with Tyreese, but when they get to her cell Carol has already slit her wrists. Rick rushes to get Tyreese and walks in on him and Michonne making out, he starts screaming at Tyreese blaming him for Carol's attempted suicide after taking a few punches Rick even goes so far as to say "You practically slit her wrists FOR her". After Tyreese is beat on Rick for a bit, Rick brings up Tyreese murdering Chris, Tyreese admits to killing and multilating Chris in the showers and enjoying it while Glenn and Maggie sit in the next cell over and hear everything. After arguing the morality of killing for a while Tyreese brings up Dexter and the two continue in a heated argument until Tyreese claims that Rick enjoyed cutting Allens leg off and the fight resumes. Tyreese hits Rick with a hard right hook and Rick blacks out falling over the railing to the floor below. Tyreese concerned about Ricks safety wastes no time and follows Rick right over the railing. Rick kicks Tyreese in the face and the two collapse out of exhaustion. Seconds after the fight ends Andrea comes in to tell Rick that Allen has died. Rick gets off the floor, heads to Allen's cell, shoots him, and then collapses.

    About 26 hours later Rick wakes up with Carol at his side, she kisses him and thanks him for standing up for her. Rick tells her that he loves his wife and that she should find someone else. After Carol leaves, Dale comes in and tells Rick he's not in charge anymore. While Rick was asleep word got around about him killing Dexter and the group decided he had cracked, so they decided to form a committee. Rick heads outside to talk to everyone, he then unleashes a speech about killing for the good of the group and how they aren't going to get rescued, that this prison is their future, that what they make now isn't going to become useless one day. Rick finishes off his speech reminding them that when they die they will become the undead and adds the profound statement "WE are the walking dead."

    The Best Defense

    R.I.P Rick's hand
    R.I.P Rick's hand

    Rick and Glenn discover a helicopter which crashes and so Rick, Glenn, and Michonne go out to find the helicopter. They eventually find it but find the pilots missing and learned someone already got to them first so they pick up the trail and find the trail ends at a town called Woodbury. they entered seeing the town filled with well organized and armed civilians led by a man who goes by The governor. The governor is first friendly but then takes Rick's group prisoner. The governor asks (while pointing a gun at his head) Rick where his camp is and he lies saying that they are the only ones. The Governor responds by cutting Rick's right hand off. Grimes is then taken to the infirmary so he can be treated in order for the governor to extract information from Rick.

    Rick wakes up in the infirmary and meets Dr. Stevens, who tells him the origins of the governor and Woodbury. Then, Philip comes in and manipulates Rick into revealing his camps location.

    This Sorrowful Life

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    While rick is held captive, he becomes friends with Dr. Stevens and nurse Alice. Martinez (the guard who let rick and friends into Woodbury) saw Rick's injury and realized that the governor is a monster, so he set Rick, Glenn, and Michonne free. After fighting their way through zombies they reach the prison to find the gates open, overrun by a zombie horde, and the R.V abandoned. Rick was able to reunite with Dale and Andrea and they told Rick the others were hiding. After clearing out the zombies, Rick notices that Martinez is missing and believes that they were set up. Therefore, he's going back to Woodbury to tell the others the prison's location. So Rick takes the R.V, catches up to Martinez and kills him. After that he has the whole group have a meeting. Rick reveals what happened to Glenn, Michonne, and himself and tells them to prepare for the upcoming fight with Woodbury.

    The Calm Before

    "It's a girl"

    Lori confronts Rick about her affair with Shane and the possibility of him not being Judith's father. Rick responds by telling her he already knew and he doesn't want to hear her say it. later Glenn gets married and he attends the wedding. later after that Lori has the baby which is revealed to be a girl, they call her Judith. Shortly after that Dale gets bitten on the leg and Rick goes to amputate the leg and Dale survives. After that the citizens of Woodbury come and attack the prison.

    Made to Suffer

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    The citizens of Woodbury begin their attack on the prison and Rick has Lori and the non fighting people to hide underground. The Woodbury citizens however are poorly trained with a gun so Rick is wondering if there is a point going out on the offensive until Rick got shot in the abdomen. Rick then goes through a blood transfusion while the most of the group go to the R.V to avoid confrontation while Tyresse and Michonne go tailing the governor and killing a couple people, but in the end Tyresse gets captured and killed by the Governor. After a while, the Governor's army returns to attack the prison but Rick's group fights back and takes out most of the army. But in the end the Governor's army breaks threw the prison's fences and starts invading the prison. Rick goes to get Lori and Judith to find Alice pointing a gun at them, Alice then puts it down saying its just in case the Governor's army sees them. So Rick, Lori, and Alice attempt to escape towards the truck where the other survivors are at, but Alice gets killed by the Governor and Lori gets shot killed while falling on the baby killing her. After Lily noticed Lori had a baby she got angry and killed the Governor. Rick horrified just continues to run and makes sure Carl doesn't look back.

    Here We Remain

    Rick and Carl hide out in a nearby town and go investigate a store but are attacked by a zombie. Rick tries to kill it but failed and Carl killed it instead with his gun. They then hide in a house and rick takes a huge dose of antibiotics and ends up unconscious. Carl then kills three zombies and believes that he doesn't need his father because he blames him for Lori and Judith's death. Rick then wakes up and pleads for Carl to stay indoors and Carl agrees. Rick gets better but is having trouble dealing with Lori and Judith's death including talking on a phone thinking it's Lori. Continuing there journey, Rick teaches Carl all he can in the event Rick dies until they meet up with Michonne and eventually meet up with Glenn and Magie. They all then return to Hershel's farm where everyone else is. Rick and Michonne both revealed how they cope with death revealing the phone he made contact with Lori and Michonne revealed that she talks to her dead boyfriend when she's alone. The next day they meet three new survivors Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa, and Dr. Eugene Porter who reveal that they work for the government and are on a mission to Washington DC. So Rick and the group join the 3 people to Washington.

    What We Become

    The survivors set up camp on their way to Washington DC. Rick Is still feeling guilt for the deaths of the other survivors and more importantly, the death of his wife and baby daughter. The next day Rick and the group are scavenging a town and find a zombie that is too weak to attempt to eat them and it makes Rick wonders if the zombies can starve to death. they then set up camp again and Maggie went into the woods for restroom until later Glenn found her hanged (due to her depression of losing her family). Glenn got her down and was going to do CPR until Abraham put a gun to her head and said she's dead and wanted to shoot her so she wouldn't become a zombie. The group argue and Abraham is about to pull the trigger until Rick put a gun to Abraham's head threatening to kill him if he pulls the trigger. Maggie then regained consciousness and the group returned to camp. Abraham then told Rick if he put a gun to him again, he will kill him. Rick then replied saying if he was to put a gun to him again, he won't hesitate to shoot. Later Rick gets attacked by a zombie and has no weapon to defend himself. He then sees Abraham with a gun pointing at his direction and Rick tells him to shoot but Abraham does nothing until he finally shot the zombie. Abraham then breaks down saying he was originally going to shoot rick. The next day while at a gas station, Rick decides to go back to his hometown to get supplies and check on "old friends". So Rick, Carl, and Abraham set off. At night time when the three are camping, a group of three bandits with a knife come to take Rick's supplies. Rick tries fighting them off but fails. The bandits then grab Carl and plan to rape him for fighting back. Rick then bites the neck of one bandit killing him, that distracted the bandit holding Abraham having him shoot the second bandit in the head, and the final bandit runs away but Rick catches up to him and brutally kills him. After that the small group eventually reach Rick's hometown and finds Morgan with his son Duane (now a zombie). Rick tells Morgan that he needs to kill him and gives him a gun. Morgan then shot the chain that his son was manacled to and they went to the police station for guns and supplies. When they drive out they come across a horde of hundreds of zombies. Rick tries plowing right threw them but crashes into a abandon car. They then run away from the zombies and try to plan a distraction for the zombies but fails. They then finally reach the gas station and Rick (now in a state of panic) wants the rest of the group on the road but Dale refuses and wants the group to stay in a abandoned barn but it ends with Andrea to tell Dale to leave.

    Fear the Hunters

    The group is again on the road after being followed by the biggest herd of zombies Abraham had ever seen. They find a couple of mattresses in an abandoned truck, which would grant them days of good sleep, just before stopping for the night. On the next day, they are ready to leave once again. Andrea says the twins are peeing in the woods and that she'll go get them. However, she finds Billy dead next to Ben, his brother, who holds a knife. The group was shocked and couldn't agree what to do with the disturbed boy. Abraham voted to kill the kid and Rick supported the idea. But the rest of the group, especially Dale and Andrea, was reluctant to murder Ben. Just as they speak, a priest approaches. He says that he has food in his Church and that will take the group there tomorrow. That same night, Carl confronted Ben and without any trace of a doubt, put the other kid out of his misery. On the next day, as the group leaves, we see the hunters spying on them.

    They find out that the Church wasn't as close as they thought it was, since they actually don't arrive that day and have yet to find a place to stay for the night. As they sit down for dinner, a group of zombies attack them. The survivors quickly kill them, although, unknown to them, Dale was bitten.

    The next day, the group goes out looking for dale, as they start to suspect that the appearance of the priest has something to do with the abduction. Unsuccessful, they finally head out for the Church. Once they arrive there, Andrea once again sees one of the hunters spying on them and warns the group.

    Later on that night, Andrea tells Rick how much she loves Dale and that she wished she could tell him that just one more time. On the next day, Maggie finds Dale outside the Church. He is still breathing and, as Rick tells everyone to take him inside, he notices that they are being watched at that very moment. The group runs inside their temporary home, although one of the hunters shoots Glenn's leg. Angry, Rick states that they are messing with the wrong people. Dale tells him how many hunters there are and what their home looks like. The priest tells Rick that there are 3 possible locations. The ex-cop makes a small group and takes off to finally end them.

    After a day of searching, Abraham, Michonne, Andrea, the priest and Grimes finally find the cannibals. They assume Rick is alone, and to show that he has company, he orders Andrea to shoot one of the hunters' ear. He shows that his group is superior and collects their weapons. After that, they brutally murder them.

    Later on, once the massacre is over, the survivors return to the Church, just before Dale's death. They make a funeral for him and, by the end of the arc, Carl tells Rick that it was him who murdered Ben.

    Life Among Them

    Rick and Carl are searching for food until they come to a town surrounded by zombies, so they were forced to turn around. Rick then has a heart to heart talk about Carl killing Ben and understands why he did it. After regrouping with the others, Rick wants to test Eugene's walkie talkie because he believes they're close to Washington DC. Eugene keeps disagreeing making excuses like it's "too delicate" or "don't want to waste the batteries". Abraham then takes the walkie talkie only to find no batteries. Abraham then attacked Eugene, after that Abraham cools down with Rick and talks about what the next plan is until they meet a new survivor by the name of Aaron. Rick not trusting him knocks him out and ties him up. When Aaron regains consciousness, Rick asks Aaron why he's following him and Aaron replies that he wanted to recruit Rick's group to a safe zone in DC to increase it's community. Then zombies show up and the group attacks them and unties Aaron. They then decide to stay the night in the truck and go to the safe zone in the morning. The next day, Rick talks to Andrea about Aaron and she says she doesn't have a problem with him until they find another person. Rick puts a gun to him until Aaron tells him he's with him. the man's name is Eric and they shouldn't worry about him. Rick makes a promise with Abraham that if Aaron or Eric do something wrong they will kill em. The next day they are near the safe zone only to be on a road full of zombies and they then see a flare from other survivors from the safe zone. So Rick and the group go out to save the survivors Heath and Scott who has a broken leg. They then escape and reach the gates of New Alexandria (safe zone). They then arrived to see the safe zone looked like life before the outbreak. The group is then individually interviewed by the safe zones leader Douglas, after that Douglas welcomes the group to the safe zone. Rick then shaves and meets Olivia who gives Rick new clothes and she explains the origin of the Safe zone. After that Rick gets a haircut and tells Carl what a great place this is. Later the group gets jobs and have to surrender their guns but in the end they get a house just for the group. Andrea and Rick then talks about how this is all too good to be true and how bad the defenses are which Rick speculates how the group could easily take over this place. The next day the group go to a dinner party and the group are having troubles settling in. Also Rick and Glenn are planning on how to get their guns back.

    Too Far Gone

    Rick and the gang are trying to live a normal life and especially trying to have Carl live child's life but Carl is more worried about the zombies outside. Rick is then positioned to be the officer of New Alexandria but Rick is worried about the survivors living in the safe zone before they mess up what they have so Rick sends Glen to steal back their guns. Later Rick learns Pete (the towns doctor) is abusing his wife but Douglas won't kick him out because he's the only doctor. Rick then goes out and attacks Pete until Douglas comes and tells Rick to leave only then Rick pulls a gun on Douglas, then Michonne attacks Rick from behind and has someone grab his gun, Rick then looks up and realizes what he's done.

    No Way Out

    Ricks worst nightmare comes to life
    Ricks worst nightmare comes to life

    The zombies start breaking through the towns defenses and Rick is seen killing zombies and helping people. Later when he and Michonne took Morgan into Rick's place, Denise comes to patch him up. Later Rick is seen hiding on his

    house with Jessie, Ron, Carl, Morgan, Denise, Michonne, Maggie and Sophia, he wants everyone to escape, and later help other people except Maggie and Sophia (because they are the slowest), and later Denise. Rick then uses the technique Rick and Glenn did in Atlanta by rubbing zombie guts all over himself and the others and try to escape, but ends up going horribly wrong. Ron and Jessie get eaten by zombies while Jessie is holding onto Carl. Rick then cuts off Jessie's hand apologizing while he does it. Douglas shooting crazily at zombies eventually gets overrun by zombies and fires while he's getting eaten. One of the shots gets Carl in the eye taking out a part of his face. Rick then goes to Denise and asks her to save Carl's life.

    We find ourselves

    Carl was saved by Denise but is in a coma. Rick stayed in the hospital as long as he could. Andrea would ask him to leave and have a break but Rick wouldn't budge. Later Carl finally woke up and asks where his mom is. Rick asks Denise what to do and Denise tells him not to worry and that his memories will return eventually. Rick then tells Carl about Lori and Judith's death. Carl was sad about his mother's death but doesn't remember Judith. He also states he misses Amy, Carol, Tyreese, Morgan, Jessie, and Ron which Rick was surprised Carl could remember Jessie and Ron. After Carl goes to sleep Rick then goes with Andrea, Michonne, Holly, Aaron, Eric, and Abraham to search for food. While the group is searching for food around the area, Rick is found in a office room crying, and Andrea is asking why Rick is crying.

    Rick tried to lie by telling her he has so much stress being leader but Andrea saw right through it. Rick then told her he's worried about Carl's health because how he showed no emotion toward his mom and baby sister's death. They then return to find Nicholas in a fight with Glenn.

    Nicholas believes Rick is trying to take over the community and how it use to be better off without him. Rick responds by putting a gun to his head. Rick was able to stop the conflict and plans to talk to Nicholas later. Rick then goes to check on Carl and takes him home. Carl asks if Rick will miss Carl if he died, to which Rick replies that he would be devastated and asks Carl to stop acting tough because it's Rick's job to protect Carl. Later Rick is talking to Nicholas and tells Rick that he just wants to protect his family and is scared, but doesn't regret standing up for himself. After that Andrea comes by looking for Carl and finds Rick. Rick tells Andrea that he wants to kill Nicholas for his stupidity and confesses that "he feels like he died a long time ago". Andrea responds "Don't you think it's about time you came back to life?" Then the two kiss.

    A larger world

    Later, Rick realizes there's a food shortage and talks of expanding so they can farm. After that Rick and Andrea talk and Rick tells Andrea that he's afraid of getting close because everyone he loves dies. After that Rick sees Carl and asks hows his eye which makes Carl furious. Carl then told Rick that his missing eye is now a "hole", Later Carl apologized for his actions. The next day, Rick meets a man named Paul "Jesus" Monroe who immobilized Abraham and Michonne. Paul then asks to trade which Rick responds by knocking him out, tied him up, and took him to the med center. Rick is scared that the other community is bad, so he warns his community to arm themselves. Andrea questions if the community could be nice. Rick decides to head to the other community to make peace or raid their supplies. They then go to Hilltop colony which is one of many communities in the area that live and trade with each other. They are then introduced to Gregory, the boss of hilltop. they are later confronted by Ethan, a resident of hilltop, and he tells them that they're mission was a failure, and that they're comrades were killed except him and a woman named Crystal. Ethan stabs Gregory and rick tackles him in anger and kills him while the other members of hilltop were watching. Paul informs rick and his friends that there is a group called the saviors who both intimidate and protect the residents of hilltop. Carl suggest that maybe they could have a Trade in the safe-zone if they destroy this group, rick likes and agrees with Carl's idea, which is why he is then taken to talk to Gregory. They discuss The idea and in the end it seems that both Gregory ad Paul agree with idea, so they send Rick's group to the safe zone with supplies.

    Something To Fear

    When they return to the safe-zone, they are ambushed by the Saviors. Rick and the others kill many of them and sends one of the survivors as a message to Negan. One day later, Rick is told after he wakes up that the Saviors are outside the wall and have taken Eugene as a hostage. After fighting them of they find Abraham consumed by walkers, so he is taken to the safe-zone to be buried. Andrea later asks Rick what they should do, to which rick replies that he does not know.

    Rick gathers some members of his group and decide to go to Hilltop for backup. However, they are ambushed by 50 saviors, including their leader Negan. He proclaimed that the the safe-zone now belongs to him and as punishment for past actions, he picks Glenn and brutally beats him to death while Rick and the others watch in horror, unable to do anything. After Negan leaves them, they go to Hilltop and speak with Gregory, but to their surprise the boss had no idea that Negan existed, merely thinking of him as a myth made up by the Saviors to scare the citizens of Hilltop. Paul offers Rick assistance if they are ever to need anything. Rick and the others depart, with the exclusion of Maggie and Sophia. Before they go, Rick promises Maggie that he will do everything in his power to avenge Glenn. When they get back to the safe-zone, the group has been seemingly attacked by The Saviors. Luckily, the group managed to repel the enemies and managed to capture Dwight. However, despite Alexandras disagreement, Rick releases him and explained through a speech that it would be best to submit to Negan for the time being, since they had no idea what they were up against which is why so many of them died in the conflict. Though every one looks at Rick in anger, Rick is victorious in his plan to make Paul follow Dwight so that they know the odds they are up against. Later Rick returns home to find Carl missing as well as Abraham's assault rifle. Rick then learns that Carl sneaked into the Saviors base. Terrified he waited for Jesus to return so he can show Rick where the Savior's base is so he can get Carl back. Jesus then took Rick, Andrea, and Michonne to the Saviors base only to run into Negan Halfway. Rick asks Negan where Carl is, and Negan replied "wait until you see what I've done to your boy". That response angered Rick and Rick responded by punching Negan and getting into a fight. The fight was then stopped and Negan gave Rick Carl back untouched except missing his bandages. Rick then left with Carl and his group. Jesus then tells rick of a man who can help him fight Negan. So Jesus then took Rick to a man named Ezekiel who was in charge of a community known as the kingdom. Ezekiel tells rick he'll lend him a hand against the battle against Negan. They then received a surprise visit from Dwight. Rick fights Dwight until Ezekiel and his tiger Shiva stopped the fight. Dwight tells them he wants to help because wants Dwight dead for what he's done to him and his wife. He then offers secrets and inside information to the group.

    Psychological Analysis

    Rick is very much a driven and optimistic individual. Coupled with his law enforcement background, he is quickly seen as a prominent leader within the group of survivors he first encounters. Initially Rick is highly idealistic and mentally strong, this allows others around him feel comforted and safe in his presence. As the months pass and the number of fatalities in his group increases, we begin to see his character slowly breakdown mentally and emotionally with the death of his wife a baby daughter. Despite this apparent deterioration he is still regarded as a rock amongst the other survivors and his son. It is believed that the only thing keeping him from losing his sanity is his son.

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    Andrew Lincoln as Rick
    Andrew Lincoln as Rick

    Rick Grimes is on the TV show version of The Walking Dead on AMC. He is played by Andrew Lincoln. The story is similar to the graphic novel but has a lot of changes. The differences are that they're different characters, Shane lives, they stop by a medical research center which ends up in flames, and Andrea is somewhat suicidal after her sister's death (also is inexperienced with guns). Also instead of the neighborhood full of zombies, its a highway full of zombies. Other changes include searching for Sophia while at Hershel's farm, Otis is killed by Shane, Rick tries to negotiate staying on the farm, and Sophia ends up becoming a zombie and trapped with many other zombies in Hershel's barn whom Rick kills. Also in season 2, we see a sort of opposite decisions between Rick and Shane. Rick always tries finding a peaceful and helpful resolution like following Hershel's rules, and always having the group look for Sophia. As for Shane, he tries looking for a straight forward solution that keeps the group alive like quitting the search because of the harm it caused, killing Otis so Shane can escape a zombie horde, and killing all the zombies in the barn so everyone can stay safe. When Hershel escapes to a local bar, Rick took Glenn with him to find him. They found him and started to talk about the recent events, when two guys appeared in the bar and tried to convinced them to take them to the farm, but Rick refused. Everything went wrong when one of the guys tried to use his gun, forcing Rick to kill both of them. Eventually a bunch of men appeared looking for the guys that Rick just killed. Rick tried to persuede them to leave but they started to shoot. At the end the men escape, leaving behind a young guy who fell and stabbed his leg. Rick couldn´t leave him behind so he took him to the farm, they tied him up and Daryl tortured him to get some information about the other group of survivors. The group deliberated and decided to execute the prisoner for the group´s welfare. Rick was unable to kill Randall when Carl asked him to do it.

    Shane took Randall to the woods and broke his neck in order to attract Rick and kill him. Rick figured out Shane´s plans and confronted him. Finally he stabbed and killed Shane when he tried to shoot him. Then Shane came back to life and was shot in the head by Carl. At that moment a horde of zombies invaded the farm´s grounds, causing Rick to take Carl into the barn. Rick used old cans of gasoline and attracted those zombies and asked Carl to light fire to them. They manage to escape and later they reunited with the survivors of the horde attack.


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