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    An expert military officer , Rick Flag Jr the son of Richard Montgomery Flag , his father led the original incarnation of the Suicide Squadron and Rick Flag Jr took on the leadership of the team after his father's death.

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    Rick Flag Jr

    Rick Flag Jr all grown up.
    Rick Flag Jr all grown up.

    After Rick Flag Sr's death he was replaced by his now grown up son, Rick Flag Jr who was leader of a public team but one mission in Cambodia went horribly wrong as his team was pursued by a Yeti. Two members of the team along with the yeti fell into a crevice. One survived bitter and angry for being left behind by his teammates. That man survived his life saved by the Chinese and healed by them, and soon after was transformed into the cyborg Koshchei the Deathless. Rick's

    girlfriend also secretly had his son giving him up for adoption far before Flag even had an idea. Flag worked covertly until being placed in a new squad, formed by Amanda Waller which much to his dismay he resumed. He loathed working along with former criminals and killers such as Deadshot and refused being alike with them in any way whatsoever.

    The Jihad: forever a problem to the Flag family tree
    The Jihad: forever a problem to the Flag family tree

    It was revealed that other Squad member Nightshade had feelings for him but it was never revealed to Flag. Flag also befriended Squad members Nemesis and Bronze Tiger, the whole relationship inside the squad was a complicated mess but loyalty was no object as the missions continued. In a terrible mission with a different squad all members but Flag were killed thus causing Senator Clay to threaten to reveal the Suicide Squads existence thus causing Flag to go on a mission of his own to kill the senator although in the end it was Deadshot who shot and killed the Senator and the Squad's existence became public knowledge.

    During a mission Rick Flag set off a nuclear bomb in a Jihad stronghold, the result of the explosion: his death but this was not the end for Flag.

    One Year Later

    Amanda "The Wall" Waller

    One Year Later Rick Flag is revealed to be alive (not the result of the "retcon punch", simply his own skill) and rescued by Bronze Tiger from a secret Quarci prison after imprisonment for 4 whole years until Amanda Waller learned he was still good and well and had Tiger break him out. Later on in his epic adventure of a life Flag is transported to Skartaris with old friend turned enemy Rustam after killing Rustam and returning home it is revealed that the man who thought he was Rick Flag Jr. is really a soldier named Anthony Miller who was brain washed by Wade Eiling into believing he is Rick Flag Jr. After getting rid of the implant that was keeping him brain washed Miller stays on the Squad as Rick Flag commenting that it will always need a Rick Flag.

    Rick Flag III

    Rick Flag's son was revealed again in a Suicide Squad comic where Flag is too scared to approach the child.

    Suicide Squad Rebirth

    Rick Flag and the Suicide Squad were sent to the Temho-Metya Prison to retrieve The Black Vault. They soon discover that the Black Vault holds General Zod as prisoner. In the end, Rick manages to put back General Zod in the Black Vault at the cost of him being stuck there. In a later issue, he is found alive in the Phantom Zone and taken out of there, where he resumes his position.

    Powers and Abilities

    Flag is a talented pilot that served in the military. Flag was so gifted his skills landed him jobs in special forces, commando, and a military tactician. Flag has mastered the way of using virtually every vehicle in the military like cars, tanks, boats, etc. Though not being a martial arts master Flag is a well seasoned and experienced combatant. Flag is a tactical expert and can come up with unorthodox but highly effective strategies. Flag knows his team well enough to use every soldiers strengths for his advantage in a fight.

    Other Media

    Flag in JLU
    Flag in JLU

    Flagg recruited four outlaws into a group named Task Force X, under the directive of Project Cadmus. Their covert mission consisted in infiltrating the Justice League's headquarters to retrieve the Annihilator. While Deadshot and Plastique created a distraction, Flagg and Boomerang rushed to the armory. When they were intercepted by three Leaguers, Flagg took on Vigilante and Shining Knight single-handedly in hand-to-hand combat. Thanks to his dexterity, the mission was a success.

    Unlike the others, Colonel Flagg, Jr. wasn't blackmailed into going on this suicide mission—he did it out of patriotism.


    Rick Flag Appearing in Smallville
    Rick Flag Appearing in Smallville

    Rick was among the the members of a mysterious group that attacked and abducted Oliver Queen at the satellite station. He interrogated and tortured Oliver for information about his team and his involvement in the recent alien attack. He later released Oliver, but warned him that he wasn't through with him yet, and traded him for another hostage, Chloe Sullivan.

    Rick had Plastique and Deadshot track the heroes, as he encountered Oliver who was searching for Chloe. After getting into a fight with Oliver, in which he grazed him with a bullet, tagging him with the mark of the Suicide Squad, He told Oliver that she had killed herself by ingesting cyanide pills. He and Plastique later broke Deadshot out of prison.

    Rick Flag targeted General Sam Lane for his support and contribution for the vigilante registration law. He aims to eliminate those who would force heroes and super-powered people to come out of hiding. Later to justify his assassination attempt on the general (he fired a missile that was meant to eliminate Sam Lane and those in his company), he said he did so to keep the Act from being passed, however it almost killed Lois Lane, had it not been for the Blur saving her and showing General Lane that some heroes like the Blur need to be "in the shadows". With the Act had finally passed, Flag was forced to make his move by having his Squad members take down Anti-Vigilante support areas.

    Rick Flag and Suicide Squad member, Deadshot, joined forces with Chloe Sullivan to save the Justice League from the VRA's abduction and experimenting of their special abilities. It was revealed that Chloe had threatened to turn him over to the government after his attempt to murder General Lane in exchange that him and his squad follow her orders.

    Suicide Squad (2016)

    No Caption Provided

    Rick Flag was supposed to be portrayed by actor Tom Hardy but due to schedule conflicts with The Revenant, Joel Kinnaman played the role instead.

    The Suicide Squad was put under his command by Amanda Waller. His motive during the whole film was to free June Moone of Enchantress who has possessed her.


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