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    Character » Rick Flag Sr appears in 41 issues.

    Rick Flag was the leader of the first Suicide Squad, or Task Force X. His son Rick Flag Jr is the current leader of the Suicide Squad.

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    Rick Flag aka Skipper

    The first Rick Flag led a small squadron of men in World War 2 called the Suicide Squadron. It was a disaster as only Flag survived the first mission the rest of the members died, with this Flag's success increased but at a price of his mortality. He was the lone survivor of the valiant TBF Squadron fighting versus Imperial Japanese Navy. He was a icy-nerved pilot.

    Soon after World War 2 Flag married Sharon Race and a few years later, when the Justice Society of America disappeared, Flag was called into Task Force X by President Truman. The Task Force X had two divisions: Argent (which dealt with civilian matter) and masked villains, the second division dealt with national crisis.

    In the end Flag sacrificed himself to stop an old Blackhawk nemesis called the War Wheel, however he did leave a son behind, Rick Flag Jr.


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