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When a transdimensional virus begins eradicating all the Ricks from across the multiverse, our Rick must go into hiding in the only reality where he’s safe from detection…Universe 304, the Rickless Universe.

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegRegular CoverCJ Cannon & Ryan Hill1
VarVariant CoverJames Callahan2


In Dimension 304-X, Morty is a dictator bent on traveling between universes. A scientist has finally solved this problem. Dictator Morty sends a goo monster into a universe where Rick and Morty are really good pals; the goo monster kills Rick, but not before Morty is sent to warn other Rick's.

Dead-Rick's Morty jumps through a portal and finds another Rick and Morty. He informs them of his Rick's death, which sends the alive-Rick into a panic. Rick takes his Morty to a universe in which there has never been a Rick - the Rickless Universe (aka Dimension 304-X). Back at the house, the goo monster finds the dead-Rick's Morty and kills him.

In the Rickless Universe, Rick and Morty share opposing opinions about the "cyber punkness" of it all. They wander aimlessly through a bar and then down a street and come to a dead end. There they are accosted by a bounty hunter looking to take Rick out and collect a money reward offered by Dictator Morty. The bounty hunter is taken by surprise and killed by Morty's sister, Summer, a militia member with killer instinct.

Dictator Morty is disappointed that Rick could not be taken. He tells his mother (Beth is Dictator Morty's second-in-command) that they are closer to their goal with Rick in this universe.

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Morty and Jessica stand overlooking some water. Morty waxes poetic about how he longs to have Jessica travel the universe with him. They begin to kiss. They move to Morty's room. Jessica lures Morty onto the bed. Morty hears something and looks away. Turning back he finds Scary Terry!

Jessica shrieks and wakes up from a nightmare.



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Story Arcs

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