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Rick and Morty team up to save a summer camp from an evil real estate developer in this cameo-packed homage to cheesy 1980s camp comedies, "Mortballs!" Unfortunately for Morty, his idyllic summertime adventure begins to unravel when reality itself starts coming apart at the seams!

List of covers and their creators:

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RegRegular CoverCJ Cannon1
RIRetailer Incentive CoverIan McGinty2



Morty runs through the woods to meet up with his summer camp fling Lisa Kanoogian but gets waylaid by Rick, who is apparently a new camp counselor. Things get weird, as Morty starts hearing music in his head and notices that he is unconscious as to how he gets to different locations within the camp. Worst of all, he thinks his laundry basket is talking. Yet weirder still, Morty is the camp's ladies man. It's all too much and Morty approaches Rick about his fears. Rick, however, is a little preoccupied with water safety and shrugs Morty off with a suggestion that maybe Morty is simply in a coma or something.

Morty can't believe how unhelpful Rick is being. He returns to his cabin and finds Lisa sprawled out on his bed in a bikini. She swears not to hold Morty back any longer and urges him to kiss her. He does, but then finds that he is kissing his wicker laundry basket. He rushes out and shouts to all the campers that none of this is real, but is hit with a tranquilizer dart.

Morty wakes up in the shack, a cabin on the fringe of the camp that usually houses campers who refuse to have fun. He finds Scary Terry standing over him. Scary Terry informs Morty that a scientists from the Dreamverse have been stealing and converting dreams into energy. Scary Terry wants this to end and explains that he has given Morty this huge dream as a way to lure the aliens. He gives Morty his fedora with the direction that he go out and kill all the campers with the understanding that they are all dream-stealing aliens from another dimension.

The campers do not stand a chance. Morty, with Scary Terry's fedora on, mercilessly slaughters the campers in horror-homage fashion, including Birdperson and his lady Tammy, as well as Pickles from Metalocalypse. (He does not kill Squanchy, however, as he had already squanched himself to death.) Morty then meets up with Rick. Rick doesn't know why Morty has killed everyone and refutes the concept that he is part of the Dreamverse. Morty stalks off, either convinced or too confused to believe that Rick is the "real" Rick.

Morty then wakes up at home and sees Rick standing over him. Rick explains that Morty was in a coma.

Elsewhere, the Dreamverse is in ruins.

Introducing... Beth and the Beths!

In a seedy club, a quartet of Beths play a punk show. At the end, a groupie tries to grab at lead singer Beth, who kicks the guy, which starts a huge fight. Drummer Beth sees that it's getting late and quickly exits the fight, returning home via Rick's portal gun. She walks into the house and Jerry ask her how her book club went.



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