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Old Rick Donald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O! And on that farm he had a VIOLENT PROLETARIAT UPRISING! When Rick refuses to pay his alien workers a fair wage, he finds himself on the business end of a pitchfork. Meanwhile, Morty's relationship with a beleaguered young milkmaid gets hot and heavy.


A drunk, Western-vested Rick barges into Morty's room and coerces his grandson to go through a portal to a world where Rick brings in refugees from a war-torn planet and gives them work. Rick needs Morty to spy on these refugees, as he suspects they are banding together to revolt against him. Morty is dressed up old-timey and sent out to work the fields.

While out working the farm, Morty meets with Daphna, an alien girl. Daphna shows Morty the ropes regarding harvesting and then invites him out to a bunker to inform him about Rick's oppressive overlording. Not only did Rick start the war that ripped Daphna's planet apart, but the war has been over for seven years and there is no need to keep Daphna's people working on the farm.

Morty confronts Rick and is not convinced in the least that the workers are on the farm willingly. Morty attempts to return home but is stopped by Daphna who informs him that the revolution is beginning. Daphna leads the refugees to Rick's house and confront him. After some idle banter, Daphna pull out a gun and shoots Rick in the chest. Morty tackles Daphna, who lands on a broken rake and is impaled. Morty runs to Rick's side as the refugees look on in confusion.

Morty stays the night by the side of dead Rick. Morty is surprised when another Rick pops through a portal and questions why Morty is crying over a dead Class-2 Cloner-Beast. Rick admits that they shouldn't stay long, as he stared a war in that dimension some time ago. Morty rushes through the portal as the refugees see another Rick to attack.

An Interlude with Jerry

Jerry's days are long, sad, and lame. One night, however, Jerry drives outside of town and listens to music while sitting atop his car. This helps him feel better and he awakens to a new day with a little pep in his step. This pep is quashed, however, when Rick reminds him how droll Jerry's days are.

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CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegRegular CoverCJ Cannon1
RIRetailer Incentive CoverMarc LaPierre2
2ndSecond Printing CoverDrew Rausch3


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Bottoms Out ***Spoilers*** 0

Meh, this one was bad. The first issue in this series showed some real promise, but the story arc sputtered at the conclusion and then this issue popped out. The premise itself is okay in that it is entirely feasible that Rick could be guilty of the crimes he is accused of. But to think that the resolution could be wrapped up as tidily as blaming the Rick's actions on a Class-2 Cloner-Beast completely ignores how such aliens acted in the previous book. Those things were all about violent assimil...

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