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In this action-packed issue drawn by guest artist (and former series colorist) Katy Farina, Rick and Morty get arrested for smuggling and are being sent to the worst penal colony in the universe. Can they escape this space paddy wagon before they get locked up forever? Will there be additional shenanigans? You know there will be!

Plus: another interconnected backup story by Josh Trujillo and Rii Abrego!

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
ACover AMarc Ellerby & Sarah Stern1
BCover BHoward M. Shum7
RERetailer Exclusive CoverMike Vasquez & Joshua Perez6
REBrain Trust/Nerd Store Exclusive Variant CoverSteve Wilcox & Jeremy Scott Browning3
REExcelsior Collectibles Exclusive Variant CoverAlex Kotkin & Ivan Nunes5
REAmorphous Ink Comics Exclusive Variant CoverMike Vasquez & Joshua Perez4
RESupercon Sketch Variant CoverAngie Knowles2



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