Rick and Morty #20

    Rick and Morty » Rick and Morty #20 - Morty Bounce to the Ounce released by Oni Press on November 2016.

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    In this standalone issue illustrated by series writer Kyle Starks (Sexcastle), Morty takes on America’s second-favorite pastime: the illustrious sport of basketball. In an attempt to win Jessica’s affections, Morty uses alien technology to become the best there ever was at putting a ball into a hoop. But as Morty’s star rises, will Rick get left back on the ground? And is he really going to put up with that?

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    RegRegular CoverCJ Cannon & Ryan Hill1
    RIRetailer Incentive CoverKyle Starks2


    Morty Bounce to the Ounce

    Morty is caught by Brad ogling Jessica. Brad tells him to knock it off, as the only way to get a girl like Jessica is to be a jock. Morty notes that the school will soon be holding basketball tryouts.

    Later, in Dimension 437, Rick is using Morty to mine blergdite. During an interruption by an indigenous creature, Morty tosses out the idea that he could be more helpful if he were stronger and faster. Rick is against the idea of artificially enhancing Morty, but Morty is persistent. Dimension 437 does have a means to bulk Morty up - enelda eggs - but Rick warns that there is a hitch. Morty does not care and tears into an egg, drinking the entire thing. His body immediately begins to change in grotesque ways.

    Despite never having played basketball before, Morty shows up to basketball tryouts as a huge behemoth capable of making all the shots.

    At home, Morty's family gushes over his latest life accomplishment of making the basketball team. Rick can't believe that Morty only wanted to get jacked to impress some girl by becoming a jock. Rick gets even more steamed when Morty tells him that he can't go on missions anymore due to practice and storms off after dispensing some well-placed insults.

    After a masterful game by Morty, Jerry is approached by Marty McNeeley, a local business man, and invited to the country club to have a drink with the other dads. Everything is falling into place: Morty is killing it in games, Jessica is noticing Morty, and Jerry is offered to run marketing for Mr. McNeeley's firm. However, as Morty lines up for the winning shot at the state tournament, an enelda shows up and wreaks havoc, including killing Mr. McNeeley.

    Morty runs to Rick and asks for his help while apologizing profusely. Rick agrees and explains that the enelda is simply looking for the egg Morty stole. But that is not the full hitch that Rick had warned about; it seems that what Morty thought were big muscles were really babies incubating in his body. The enelda wants them back. Rick cuts the babies out and the aliens fly away. Morty wonders how the enelda found him from a different dimension as Rick puts away his portal gun with 437 still on the display.

    Twas the Night Before Rickmas

    It's Christmas Eve and Jerry sneaks downstairs to eat the cookies and egg nog. Rick warns him not to, as Christmas treats are the only things keeping Santa going. Jerry does not listen and eats the treats. Santa arrives and quickly deposits the Smith toys while Jerry, in all his fanboying, tries to convince Santa to take him out for the night. Santa learns that Jerry has eaten his treats and goes mental; his tongue turns into a tentacle and Santa upchucks purple goo onto Jerry. Rick saves his son-in-law by giving Santa some booze. Santa leaves and Rick celebrates getting a rare toy, because he likes toys.



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