Rick and Morty #19

    Rick and Morty » Rick and Morty #19 - Desperately Meeseeking Ruin; Mecha Morty released by Oni Press on October 2016.

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    The conclusion of Rick's grand "selfless" adventure!

    AKA, the issue in which CJ Cannon gets real tired of drawing Meeseeks!

    The authorities are closing in on Rick's expanded (and highly illegal) penp juice trade, which he is now using Meeseeks to operate. As their eventual capture looms closer, Summer is on her way back from her own adventure, which has gone terribly awry. How can the Smith family evade capture and take zero responsibility for flooding the intergalactic market with hallucinogenic drugs? YOU GOTTA READ TO FIND OUT, DAWG!

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    RegRegular CoverCJ Cannon & Ryan Hill1
    RIRetailer Incentive CoverTait Howard2


    Desperately Meeseeking Ruin

    Miggs and Rurtaugh, two Gromflomites on the case of the Penp Pimp, begin to question a Meeseek that got caught delivering penp drugs.

    Back on Flarbellon-7, Rick explains to Morty why they are back to the planet where they killed all the penps (because the authorities already looked there) and how his empire is run (Meeseeks deal the drugs then disappear). Morty remarks that it just looks like Rick has a job. Rick comes to the same realization and decides to wrap up his operations. When attempting to leave, however, Rick's portal gun is out of power.

    At this point, the Gromflomites show up to arrest the Penp Pimp - only knowing from a tip that the suspect has four arms and a weird hat. Rick refuses to go down easily and conjures several Meeseeks to help he and Morty escape. The Meeseeks fight the Gromflomites, which allows Rick and Morty to get away unseen. Outside they see their escape: Peacock Jones's ship.

    Peacock Jones and Summer have spent the last bit stealing penp's from intergalactic zoos to bring back to Flarbellon-7 so as to preserve the species after Rick killed the indigenous lot. Summer hints that her time with Peacock Jones is over, which prompts him to finally make his plans known: Sex with Summer. She outright refuses him and things get tense. Rick barges in and shoots Peacock Jones with the Bee Gun. Rick and Morty throw Peacock Jones from the ship with a vial of penp juice and head to Blips and Chitz.

    The Gromflomites are surprised when all the Meeseeks disappear, but then are elated to find Peacock Jones. He matches the description of the Penp Pimp and gets arrested. He is immediately sent to jail and has a Meeseek for a bunk buddy.

    Mecha Morty

    Rick has built a huge robot version of Morty that he enters into an intergalactic fighting championship. Morty is the driver and is getting worked by a monster. Things start to look bad when Rick pulls an override and performs the Mecha Morty's secret move: A fart based on one Morty ripped in Rick's ship. The alien explodes and Rick makes a ton of money on the victory.



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