Rick and Morty #18

    Rick and Morty » Rick and Morty #18 - New Rick City; Pocket Mortys released by Oni Press on September 2016.

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    Rick’s drug dealing operation is going swimmingly! Except, of course, that little hiccup where a rival drug operation kidnapped Morty. Can Rick save Morty (AGAIN), even with the dead weight of Jerry insisting on joining him?

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    RegRegular CoverCJ Cannon & Ryan Hill1
    RIRetailer Incentive CoverLouie Chin2


    New Rick City

    Morty is held captive. A ticket for a free replacement Morty is on a nearby counter.

    Six hours earlier: Rick treats the family to a delicious dinner, paid for by the drug money he has collected while pushing penp juice. He and Morty leave to make a deal and Jerry notices that Summer is missing. Summer is off galavanting in sexy outfits with Peacock Jones, but he is getting wary of waiting so long for Summer to get randy enough to see him as a viable sleeping partner.

    Five hours earlier: Federal Gromflomites discover that a new drug player has entered the stage. An entire planet has succumb to the penp drug while the penp's lone planet has been destroyed. The Gromflomites prepare to deal with a smart, nasty new dealer.

    Four hours earlier: Rick is gambling while celebrating his new fortunes but Morty is doing his best to kill the buzz. Rick doesn't want to here any lectures about how selling drugs is bad and leaves Morty with the last of the penp juice while he goes to the bathroom. To show Morty how worthless he is, Rick gives Morty the replacement ticket. As soon as Rick is gone, Morty is kidnapped by the Pep Pep Boyz. Rick is unfazed when he doesn't find Morty outside the bathroom and resumes his gambling.

    One hour earlier: Back home, Rick asks Jerry whether he has seen Morty. Neither knowing where he is, Rick pulls out a tracker device and locates Morty in Pep Pep Boyz territory. Jerry insists that he accompany Rick to get Morty back.

    Now: Rick locates Morty and the penp juice in the Pep Pep Boyz's building and he and Jerry walk up to the front door. Jerry is led to believe that assertiveness will win the gang over and he knocks confidently on the door. Rick leaves when the door opens and Jerry is taken inside by Verl, a very large alien that takes Jerry to a room to sit with him.

    Rick infiltrates the lair and starts picking off individual gang members. He eventually finds his way to the room where Jerry is being held and blows off Verl's head, despite Verl really trying to help Jerry out with his marriage. The two make their way to Morty but are confronted by Little Drug Lord Fauntleroy, who demands Rick's drug recipe. Rick uses hidden mechanical arms to kill the remainder of the Pep Pep Boyz and secures the penp juice while Jerry unties Morty. The three return home. The free replacement Morty coupon is left behind.

    Gromflomites later show up to the scene to investigate the murder of the drug gang. A witness describes Rick as having four arms and an odd hat (from the restaurant hours before). Most importantly, the witness warns that the man is not one to be trifled with.

    Pocket Mortys

    (Loosely based on the "Pocket Mortys" game.)

    A Dapper Morty, Bunny Morty, Cowboy Morty, and Veiny Morty are running for their lives but are cornered by Rick. Rick, a collector of Mortys to fight other Morty collectors, considers these Mortys as his and adds them to his collection of Mortys, consisting of regular Morty, Biker Morty, Two Cats Morty, and Many Mortys. Blerg shows up and a fight of Mortys begins. Regular Morty helps the new Mortys escape.

    Jerry shows up looking for the new Mortys, as they were his and they escaped while he slept. Rick mocks Jerry's inability to keep a Morty and gives him Many Mortys, because Many Mortys is gross.



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