Rick and Morty #17

    Rick and Morty » Rick and Morty #17 - Rick Burn, Dude released by Oni Press on August 2016.

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    Rick’s old drinking buddy has been dethroned and imprisoned by the new queen that Rick told him not to marry. Rick takes Morty on a mission to restore his buddy’s throne, supposedly because Morty’s such a great travel companion. Of course, Rick doesn’t tell Morty that the aliens on this planet are very germ-phobic and he’s inoculated Morty with dozens of infectious diseases to sneak by them. It’s not like Morty’s going to DIE or anything… probably.

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    RegRegular CoverCJ Cannon & Ryan Hill1
    RIRetailer Incentive CoverRian Sygh2


    Rick Burn, Dude

    In order to strip Jerry and Summer from the belief that R2-D2 is simply a cute robot, Rick grants sentience to the coffee pot and Summer's phone. They soon realize that sentient technology is not a great idea, as the coffee pot lives its life with constant diarrhea and Summer's phone is a pervert. Jerry drinks the coffee, comfortable with knowing that it is considered the coffee pot's crap.

    Rick then enlists Morty's help to deliver a message to an old friend of his who is a king that married someone that Rick did not approve of. Since the planet is made up of intense germaphobes, Rick injects Morty with 200 horrible diseases before taking him through a portal.

    Upon arrival, Morty notes two things: 1) He does not feel well, and 2) Rick has a kill-on-sight order against him. Apparently, the king has been imprisoned by the queen, who continues to harbor intense hatred for Rick. She finds him and orders her guards to kill Rick. The portal gun is destroyed so Rick discloses that Morty is severely infected with tons of diseases. True to form, the queen retreats to get protection, confident in that she knows where Rick is going. Morty lauds him for the bluff. Rick breaks the news that he wasn't bluffing and that Morty has only hours to live.

    At the cell, Rick begins to pick the lock. Morty begins looking terrible. A really friendly guard shows up; Rick forces Morty's germs onto the man and his head explodes. Rick then unlocks the door and the king jumps out with a shiv. Rick knocks it away and it lands in Morty's thigh. The queen then arrives and launches missiles at the men. Rick makes the missiles sentient; the missiles reason that blowing up is a short life and they fly away. Rick then takes the shiv from Morty's thigh (Morty is now starting to balloon with massive goiters) and stabs through the queen's protection. Morty then rainblows (vomits a rainbow) onto the queen, who is quickly overcome with illness and dies. The king thanks Rick, who hands him a letter that says "I told you so!"

    Back home, Rick gives Morty the cures for each disease. Summer rushes in to ask how to fix her phone. Rick breaks it, thereby murdering the cell phone.

    Jerry Decoy Model

    Rick needs Jerry to act as a decoy on a mission to protect some stuff. He leaves a decoy model of Jerry to fill the gap in the family while real Jerry is gone. Decoy Jerry, however, is way too good at being a husband and father and everyone is agrees that they'd like to keep Decoy Jerry around. Rick sees the mistake in the engineering and blows up Decoy Jerry.



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