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Having survived their adventures fending off alien invasions in “head-space,” Rick and Morty finally return home just in time for the beginning of the same freakin’ alien invasion.

Can Rick and Morty stave off this newest, samest invasion? What awful decisions will they be forced to make? How long will this new galactic empire last? (Maybe 80 years? More? Probably somewhere in there.)

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegRegular CoverCJ Cannon & Ryan Hill1
RIRetailer Incentive CoverSavanna Ganucheau2
REExceed Comic: A Divison of Jesse James Comics Exclusive Variant CoverMady G3
REFried Pie Exclusive Variant CoverEmily Helen4


The alien invasion Rick was trying to thwart happens anyway. The family tries to lecture Rick about keeping a Rick and Morty head in the garage, but they are cut short when the leader of the aliens approaches Rick as the race's messiah. Rick begrudgingly listens to the history of the aliens: They are a race divided by the simplest of differences that have led to civil wars. It was not until recently that a beacon was found in which the aliens could agree that a higher power existed that they could all agree on. The aliens followed the beacon - Rick's toaster that Jerry had tampered with - to Earth.

Rick flat-out denies the role of messiah and blames the whole thing on Jerry. The aliens rush Jerry, giving Rick time to flee with the rest of the family. Summer and Beth are captured, however, and Morty is unable to join Rick through a portal. Rick then comes up with a plan to get his family back.

Meanwhile, Morty runs into some aliens that boast about how they have engineered the entire struggle with their people. They plan to continue working behind the scenes to accomplish their own agenda and ask Morty to get Rick to sign off on the idea so that they don't have to destroy Earth. Rick shows up and blasts the two aliens. The ruler finds Rick and Morty and begs the messiah to accept his role, the role now being offered to Morty.

180 years later, it is revealed that Morty has accepted the position and is God and his family (minus Rick, who is exiled) live as royalty. Life seems bland, however, and even ninja assassin attacks don't get Morty riled up. Morty orders his mother to extract information from one of the assassins, which she arranges with Mr. TumTum, her horse-faced lover. Morty then asks the assassin who was behind the attack and the group learns that it could be Rick. This is incorrect, however, as Jerry reveals himself to be the architect behind exposing Morty. Jerry kills Mr. TumTum and tries to kill Morty. Rick shows up and kills Jerry and flies Morty into the cosmos as the galaxy explodes.

The scene fades out and shows that Morty and Rick are back in the garage with the severed Rick head. Apparently, the whole story was from another timeline with another Rick and Morty in the head of another Rick and Morty from a separate timeline. Morty then asks if there is any way to prevent the same stuff from happening in their own timeline. Just then, Jerry pops in and asks for a screwdriver for the toaster. Rick smacks him and takes the toaster.



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