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The Rickfinity Crisis comes to its thrilling conclusion as Rick and Morty take on the evil Morty in a final showdown of epic proportions! Blood will be shed, tears will be cried, pants will be soiled!


Rick, trapped under some rubble from the explosion, is unable to find Morty and Summer. Instead, Dictator Morty finds Rick and knocks him out.

In Summer's apartment, Morty wakes up to learn that Jerry shot him in the side, the base is destroyed, and Dictator Morty likely has Rick. Summer is ready to give up the fight, but Morty is sure that Rick would not have given up the secret of inter-dimensional travel, which could give them an opening. As Morty and Summer set out to find Rick, Rick is being tormented by Beth for information.

Morty and Summer blast their way through Dictator Morty's fortress and find a room housing a portal gun. This confuses Morty, but not as much as when Summer pulls her own portal gun out to simply switch batteries. Summer explains that she, Beth, and Morty all came to this Rick-less dimension to escape Rick, who had destroyed their home world. That Morty became smarter and crueler without Rick around and soon hatched a plan to rid the multi-verse of all Ricks. Summer would not support the plan and left once Dictator Morty had risen to power. Instead of saving Rick, Summer plans to use the batteries from Rick's busted gun (which she found after the explosion) to power the original portal gun used to get the family there.

Before Morty and Summer can decide what to do, Dictator Morty busts in with a Walker and tries to blast the two with guns. Summer accuses Dictator Morty of becoming Rick, which is not well received. Dictator Morty exits the Walker and asks Summer to meet him face to face. He accuses her of ruining his life, but Morty steps in and explains that the universe just hates Mortys. Dictator Morty sees truth in this and embraces Summer. Jerry then bursts in the room in a large vehicle and crushes the hugging siblings. Beth arrives with Rick, whom she helped escape, and Rick and Morty use the portal gun to get back home.

Jerry and Rick's Day of Fun

The Smith Family enjoys a breakfast of pancakes, but Jerry looks anxious. He finally leaves the house after bumbling through an excuse that he has a job interview. Jerry runs down the street and meets up with Doofus Rick (J19-Alpha-7). The two enjoy a fun day together, filled with rollercoasters, zoos, jetpacks, playing catch, and general goofing off.

At the end of the day, Jerry expresses his desire to stay in Doofus Rick's world. This, of course, can't happen and Jerry goes home to his conflicted life.

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegRegular CoverCJ Cannon1
RIRetailer Incentive CoverMarc Ellerby2
REExceed Comic: A Divison of Jesse James Comics Exclusive Variant CoverMady G3


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Story Arcs

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