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Not much is known of  Berthein's past life.  He previously worked as a masked Dog Soldier for the mysterious underground criminal organisation which had been genetically warping humans to create the perfect weapon.  During that time he was dispatched to the location which was being investigated by Dave Nails.  During the conflict between investigative reporter & the masked soliders, Berthein attacked Nails' younger brother Badou.  The youth was left with a piercing wound through his hand, and without his left-eye.  The older Nails brother was killed. 

New Life In Music

It is not clear when Berthain left the underground.  He later confessed that the altercation with the Nails brothers gave him a taster of a new world, which he flew away to at his earlier opportunity.  Afterwards he managed to find success as the conductor or a grand orchestra.  There, he still kept his wits & deadly skills at hand.  He managed to hypnotise his orchestra and conduct them as his armed body guard. 

Orchestral Assassins

Berthain became aware that after several years of a happy quiet life away from the underground, Badou Nails had begun to investigate those events.  Determined not to let the new turn of events disturb his life, Berthain invited Badou to a performance.  Afterwards, he appeared on stage for his audience of one.  There, he confessed that he had been responsible for what happened to Badou & his brother.  He explained that back then he didn't experience human emotions, but he had since severed his connections with the underground.  Since music had filled his life, her had no intentions of returning underground & therefore he would kill the only survivor in order to retain his new lifestyle.  He incensed Badou by insinuating he had hoped to put poor Daniella out of her misery by killing her as well that night.
Berthain conducted his orchestra.  They all carried automatic weapons and aimed at Badou.  However, Berthain hadn't expected Mihai to ambush him from behind...

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